I used to really struggle at how to make money online.

Then I discovered the power of neuro-conditioning.

Mind over matter; Mental strength; The brain-heart connection…

Everything in life begins, and ends, with the brain-heart connection. By developing mental skills, you will always have the mental strength to build, maintain and expand your business regardless of where it’s at right now. You can learn how to make money online, as well as offline.

Your biggest obstacle is YOU.

diversimom, entrepreneurs, content marketing, online business, goalsMy Uniqueness:

I’ve mastered how to balance business skills with mental strength using the latest breakthroughs in the neuroscience industry so that even when your energy, motivation, emotional state, lack of experience, etc. is trying to hold you back, you can still master how to make money online.

How My Niche Was Born:

I was very ill for two and a half years. I truly believed that I was going to die. I gave up on everything. One day, a voice came out of nowhere and said, “Get up! You’re not done yet!” To make a long story short, I got up, and kept getting up. It was a very long, arduous journey, but I gradually created an entirely new, fulfilling life from scratch. It wasn’t easy and I had to dig deep. I had to find and develop that mental strength.  In doing so, I discovered many recent breakthroughs in the neuroscience industry that literally reprogram your subconscious to go after exactly what you want. I’ve done that, and continue to do it in all aspects of my life.

I  further discovered the power of mental strength accidentally when scrambling to come up with strategies for my daughter who has a learning disability. Inadvertently, I resorted to combining the grade level standards with mental strength building activities. The improvement was immediate and MASSIVE. She ended up graduating 8th grade from a private school, placing in Engineering Fairs and is now a Freshman in high school with a 4.0 GPA and studying engineering at the same time.

Subconscious programming effects your attention span, your memory,
your processing skills (visual & auditory),
logic/reasoning & comprehension.


Why not use neuro-programming in an effort to master how to make money online…or offline?


Where I came from:

With a background in Social Science and Organizational Leadership, I’ve served as an advocate for the deaf, and most recently been in crisis intervention.  In earlier years, I worked in special education, real estate and university grant accounting.

My personal struggles include overcoming serious illness, recovering from a violent assault, and in turn, overcoming and dealing with a permanent back injury due to the assault. If there is one thing I KNOW, it’s how to keep going regardless of negative internal and external forces.

Do you believe it when other people, or your own subconscious tells you, “You can’t do that?”

My Children:

I have 3.  My son is 23 and my girls are 11 & 15.  All 3 struggle with various learning and physical disabilities.  Each of them assists me in many aspects of my business.  Drew, of course, is the ‘fix it’ guy.  He also is a great editor.  Savhanna (Savvy) is my mini assistant and really helps with social media.  Macie manages my Google Calendar by color coding it and making sure it matches my purse calendar. My mom is as diverse as they come and helps in every single aspect, large or small. I started this sight in August of 2013.

My Passions:

My gift is writing, and it took me a while to realize, writing isn’t my passion. My passion is helping people who don’t believe in themselves reach a point where they thrive. The intrinsic reward of motivating others to succeed far surpasses any material item in existence.

In addition, since childhood, I’ve been in love with dolphins and whales. I’m a dedicated supporter of Sea Shepherd and boldly support the conservation of our oceans. Every year, I tell myself that I will go to Taiji and volunteer in the annual protest of the dolphin slaughters that take place. One year, I will make this dream come true.

My Parents:

My dad was a master mechanic and owner/operator of his own small trucking company.  My mom is a retired teacher/administrator.  From my dad, I learned never to give up.  From my mom, I inherited the love of teaching.  This is where I gained my ability to reach and teach anyone, regardless of obstacles.  The secret is finding what connects their brain and heart.  My mom has always been, and always will be my best friend.

Productivity, concentration & teamwork…

My Personality:

In the professional realm:  I’m structured, loyal, thorough and relentless.  I never give up until my clients succeed. 

In the personal realm:  I’m a silly goofball, random and genuinely happy with myself, my family and my life.

A Secret Strategy:

I do have one ‘must’ in my everyday life that is the glue that holds everything together.  My circadian rhythm doesn’t allow me to sleep in…ever.  I am a notorious early riser.  Ever since my back injury, I wake up very stiff.  Some mornings, in the winter, I can barely move.  I refuse to live on pain medicine.  So every day, at the crack of dawn, I force myself to do a regime of exercises that loosens my back muscles.  It’s about a 20 minute routine. The pain, in the first few minutes is excruciating.  As I continue to stretch, it eases.  As long as I stick to this, I am blessed with very little pain and go about my days almost as if I never had a back injury.  It’s a daily process, just like brushing my teeth, that enables me to overcome what could be a huge obstacle.

This is only ONE of the many strategies I use on a daily basis to thrive.

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People Who Inspire Me
& Have Been With Me From the Start:

Tommy WalkerTommy Walker is the most awesome online marketing strategist I know. He and Danny Iny are the first influences I had. Tommy taught me his personal marketing strategy called Social Filter and it’s his tactics that I still use today.

lynn silva, diversimom, firepole, danny inyThis is Danny Iny and Bhoomi Pathak from Firepole. Like Tommy, Danny and Bhoomi have gone out of their way to help me many times. Their sense of business and online relationships is astounding, and I’m very blessed just to know them.

kingdom of paidalotA few months into my journey on how to make money online, I came across this amazing group of people. Specifically, their names are Valerie Bordeau, Kelly Boyer Sagert, Robert Jennings,  and Sophie Lizard. Collectively, and individually these people have inspired, encouraged, and educated me in all aspects of online business. I truly love and respect them. They can all be found in the Kingdom of Paidalot, where their entire mission is to help people earn what they deserve online.