Diversimom is Lynn Silva & Lynn Silva is Diversimom

My name is Lynn & I’m the creator of Diversimom.

I’ve diversified all of my skills, education, failures, obstacles, victories and heartbreak with a single focus. This is to help others realize their ultimate potential. I’ve mastered the art of infusing business skills with Neuro-programming techniques. By leveraging the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and specifically when your energy, motivation, emotional state, lack of experience is holding you back, you can still master:

Making a Living Online

I’m a single mom with three terrific children. My son Drew is 23 and has a baby named Emilie. My daughters Savvy (15) and Macie (11) live with me.

My mother is as diverse as they come. She is my pillar of strength and helps in every aspect of our lives. In her, I am truly blessed.

Using Neuro-programming techniques, I’ve lifted each of my children beyond their learning and physical disabilities. Today they shine brightly in our multiverse for themselves, and as a beacon of hope for anyone watching.

How To Make Money Online

  • Specializing in Video Marketing
  • Emphasis on introverted & shy personalities learning to thrive through video.
  • Remarketing campaigns & setup
  • Progamming the subconscious to work in any situation & circumstance
  • Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion & productivity
  • Pivoting negative beliefs & emotional triggers into progressive actions
  • Brainwave stimuli  to skyrocket productivity
  • Sparking business ideas & solutions while sleeping
  • Motivating the subconscious through visualization
  • Using strengths AND weaknesses to grow business

Everything in life begins, and ends with the brain-heart connection.

Neuro-conditioning arms you with the mental strength to build, maintain and expand your business regardless of where it’s at right now.

Yes! You can learn how to make money online, as well as offline.

I can teach you exactly how to do this.

How My Niche Was Born

I was very ill for two and a half years. I truly believed that I was going to die. I gave upon everything. One day, a voice came out of nowhere and said, “Get up! You’re not done yet!”

I got up, and I kept getting up. It was a long journey.

It had moments of great joy, balanced against moments of great pain.

I had to dig deep to find and develop mental strength.

Gradually, I created an entirely new, fulfilling life, from scratch.

While on this journey, I discovered many recent breakthroughs in the neuroscience industry that literally reprograms your subconscious mind to go after exactly what you want.

Today, I’ve blended this into my Internet driven business that brings me a living income, month upon month with continuing growth and success.

It wasn’t always like that. I used to really struggle to make peanuts online.

One day it hit me. I decided that I’d apply the power of neuro-programming to master…