Why YOU Are a Coach & How to Make Money From it

YOU are a coach. According to the Business Dictionary, coach means to “encourage and train someone to accomplish a goal or task. A coach is sometimes called coordinator, facilitator, or mentor. Coaching is a process of teaching and directing. In order to grow within a niche, business, sport or society, coaching becomes a necessity. This means YOU are a necessity.

Within every stage of your life, you will be able to find an area you’re strong in that can help others.  You just need to have the know-how to package and deliver your knowledge, discipline & skill to others. You have within you, right now, knowledge, discipline & skill in some area of your life. 


The “Rules” For Coaching

The ‘rules’ are…there aren’t any, per se. There are no absolutes in coaching other than establishing and following your own code of ethics in order to grow your brand.  You are unique in your knowledge and skill so you want to structure your coaching services in a way that enhances your skill. Within it, focus on encouragement, inspiration and advice. This is the foundation of all coaching practice. 

These elements are present in all types of coaching  including business, personal, sports & career coaching. An approach towards coaching should be very responsible and disciplined because it requires patience and hard work.

Proof That YOU Are a Coach

If you’ve ever shown someone how to do something, you’re a coach. Parents, peers, teachers, managers, employees…are all coaches. Coaching is in every single person on the planet. Think of times where you’ve been called to show someone, or even more than one person, how to do something. THAT is coaching at a very informal level. Therefore, YOU are a coach, and you have experience coaching. 

Types of Coaching

Personal coaching: This is when a person offers one on one coaching to a client. It also can be considered life coaching.  A particular pain point, or goal is established between the client and the coach. Then, the coach uses their experiences, skills and discipline to develop a plan of action. Constant feedback is given to the client.  A coach analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the client and works towards bettering their client, in some, if not all, aspects of their life.

Team/Group coaching: A single client is replaced by a team, or a group in team coaching. A coach works with a particular group and prepares a chart of progress on an individual and/or group basis. This is a better learning process as the clients can learn a lot from each other. Moreover, a collective effort is always better than singular approach. You see a lot of group coaching on social media in private groups where the coach goes live and helps people with specific obstacles or problems.

Business coaching: Business coaching is completely focused at assisting a business owner towards growth and expansion. It can be performed in a multitude of ways. This includes traditional business and entrepreneurial start-up business to e-business. Unlike other coaches, a modern business coach needs to be completely aware of trending advancements and changes in technology.

Career coaching: Career coaching is one of the most common coaching types. Almost every student needs guidance to build a satisfying career for him or her. There are many queries and difficulties for young people and sometimes they are unable to handle the situation.  However, in the online world, career coaching may involve skills, strategies and marketing techniques geared toward online business. 

How to Make Money Coaching

So now that you know you really are a coach, the next step is to line up a coaching package. If you believe you have no experience and no knowledge, start with a list.

  • Make a list of every single thing in your life you’ve been good at. Age doesn’t matter.
  • Then, make a list of every single thing you’ve shown or taught other people to do.
  • Compare these two lists and start finding commonalities.
  • Then, begin looking for how they all relate.
  • Find ways to combine them with modern day and how they can help others. 

Now that you know what you’re good at, you need to find a way to package and market it online. coach, coaching, neurogoals, diversimom, goals, online business

If you’re just getting started in online business or wanting to move away from freelance work, the easiest way to transition and begin building your own audience is through coaching. Get focused and develop clarity and direction by setting Neurogoals. In addition, you’ll nail your target audience, keywords and ad copy that attracts clients to you. To stay inspired on a daily basis, be sure to like Diversimom on Facebook. 

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