Your Second Chance at Anything in Business

Do you know how to take a second chance in your business? Beethoven never waited for one to drop into his lap, he simply took one whenever he wanted. Because of this, he will never be forgotten.

Beethoven once said, “… Of course, I am resolved to rise above every obstacle, but how will it be possible? …”

I truly believe he was referring to second chances.

He is the epitome of rising above every obstacle given the facts of his life. At one point, in the middle of his career, he began losing his hearing. Yet, Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the most famous, beloved composers in the history of man.

Introverts and Shy People Have to Grab Second Chances!

Beethoven’s early years included an alcoholic, borderline abusive father who’s love for music didn’t match his abilities. So the young Ludwig was very quiet and kept to himself. Does this resonate with you? Many online business personalities are introverted, withdrawn, shy. But these circumstances didn’t stop Beethoven.

He wasn’t very good in school either, especially in math. Neither did that stop him. It just encouraged him to delve into his passion for music deeply. What are you good at? What do you love?  Have you really thrown yourself into it and made a plan? Use your strengths!

During his late teens, he endured a crushing blow. His mother died abruptly. More or less, this forced him into taking some down time while he transitioned into being the primary caretaker for his younger brothers as well as his alcoholic father.

This time period, some would say, is what shaped the entire remainder of his life. It was a dark time and he developed great resentment and bitterness for having such a heavy burden. At the same time, it’s the period in which his inner strength and creativity was realized.

We all have experienced dark periods in our lives. Perhaps some even scar us permanently.


To carry resentment or bitterness into everyday life, in many cases can be a major disadvantage. However, Beethoven diversified these feelings and married them with composing music.

He took these dark feelings and unleashed them into powerful, moving cords and transitions from one key to a completely different key, so foreign and different that some musicians refused to play it.

In other words, he released his negative feelings into his music and produced pieces that are still adored today. You too, can take anything from your past, and release into growing your business!

All things really can work together for good!

In essence, he subconsciously developed the mental strength to take the good, the bad and the ugly, diversify it and sink it all into pursuing his passion.

This is so powerful! Do NOT overlook the power of mental strength.

We all have the capacity to develop the mental skills necessary to grow our business.

So what does this have to do with second chances?

Beethoven didn’t wait for them to be given to him. He TOOK them. He didn’t allow sickness, loss of hearing, or anything else stop him from his passion.

If it hasn’t already happened, there will come a time, perhaps more than once in your life, where you have no choice but to take some down time, step away. Regroup.

Do You Know the Crescendos of Your Business?

It sucks! It’s not fair! And it really makes you feel frustrated, cheated and even want to give up. But…

There is ALWAYS a way to take every single thing life hands you and use it to go after what you want in life!

Much like Beethoven’s music, these are the crescendos of life…and business. Moments of sublime, but also with elements of discord. But as you go through these ‘crescendos,’ they eventually round out into the symphony of your life/business.

Life and business can still be successful, even during these moments of discord. This is because, just as in the movements of a great symphony, when there are moments of discord…you then transition into another phase, or movement.

What are YOU Waiting For????

In life, this is YOUR second chance. Take it! Don’t wait for it to be offered. Act on it as if it’s already been given.

Have you started something ‘big’ in your life and gotten sidetracked? Become ill? Had to take time out for financial reasons?

Did you abandon a big idea, half-born, just sitting there…waiting for a chance to return to it at the right time?

You’re waiting for a second chance. You DON’T HAVE TO WAIT! You can take it right now.

Crescendos often antagonize procrastination, failure, frustration, despair. They don’t have to. They can serve simply as intervals…temporary.

We hear it said that behind every success lies multiple failures. Could these failures be ‘crescendos?’

This Too REALLY Shall Pass

Beethoven managed to gain respect and notoriety in his mid and late twenties, especially with aristocrats. By age twenty-nine, another ‘curve ball’ inserted itself.

He began losing his hearing. This threw him into huge despair, yet somehow, his mental strength enabled him to continue being creative with his music. This huge setback, somehow managed to spark his creativity and passion instead of allowing it to defeat him.

He took despair, and viewed it as a second chance! Based on a biography, Beethoven actually told friends his deafness, and the anger it brought on ‘made him want to seize death by the throat.’second chance, genius, online business, mental skills

The Epitome of Mental Strength

He took his anger and fused it into his incredible music. For some reason, mentally, he knew he still had a lot to give, to create, to share. This demonstrates tremendous mental skill.

Because of his increasing deafness, he had to surrender playing piano and other instruments. He could’ve walked away from music altogether. Instead, he continued composing. Another second chance!

Disaster Always Strikes Again…But So Does ANOTHER Second Chance!

As time went on, Beethoven spent a number of years wandering the streets of his town in dirty clothes, disheveled and unclean. He spent evenings in a drunken trance and didn’t compose much.

After approximately 5 years, once again, upon being introduced to ‘Church,’ Beethoven helped himself to yet another ‘second chance’ and found the inspiration to compose what became known as ‘ The Solemn Mass.’

Nobody gave him this second chance. As usual, he took it, once again proving that you can absolutely turn your struggles into triumph.

He wasn’t done yet, however. He continued on to create the much adored 9nth Symphony, also known as Ode to Joy.

Ode to Triumph

Beethoven’s music tends to incorporate an essence of triumph and heroism in the concluding movements of his symphonies. It’s almost as if he means for the climax of the entire symphony to take place at the end. Is this intentional?

Whether it is or not, we’ll never know for sure, but what we can assume, is that it symbolizes endless possibilities for all crescendos in life and in business. Heroes always finish what they start.

How he died: He was in bed, given his last rites when a few days later, a storm hit, with a clap of lightening. Beethoven rose his fist just as the lightning struck through the sky as if he was celebrating triumph.

Think Like Beethoven!

Successful people have a completely different view on life’s ups and downs. To them, difficult is good, perhaps even necessary, and definitely much closer to the truth. This is why, no matter the circumstances, they mentally soar through their adversities and end in triumph after several ‘movements’ of discord, failure and frustration.

Beethoven simply refused to accept his deafness or any other inequalities that fate tried to assign him. His mental strength simply wouldn’t allow it.

But Business is So Hard!

Some say his music is turbulent, frightening…so is business. If this is true, could it be, then, that Beethoven found a way to share his soul by combining it with his passion…music? And if he could do this, despite all of the obstacles (crescendos) that he faced throughout his career, then so can we?

Strive for a balance between emotion and intellect. In addition, use emotion to fuel your passion. Also, tap into your intuition and intellect to convert your passion into making money.

Actionable Step:

There really is something you can do right now in order to take your second chance.

Insert yourself into your business. Put your soul into it. Be vulnerable and open. Remain persistent. Take all the interpretations of past experiences and diversify them into a system, a book, a routine for your business and use it to reveal your genius, just as Beethoven did.

Right here, right now, truly is YOUR second chance. What are you waiting for? Dig deep, use that mental strength and take it!

Need Help?

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9 Responses to Your Second Chance at Anything in Business

  1. Joy January 19, 2015 at 6:08 pm #

    Lynn!! Such a very powerfull post! Beethoven is my favorite musician. But you re-introduced him to me in a different angle – and now I see him in a different light. Thank you for reminding us for second chances!

  2. Lynn Silva January 19, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

    Hi Joy. Thanks so much for taking time to read and comment because I know how busy you are!

    Beethoven not only was a genius, but he knew how to use his genius. This is something I strive every single day to do: Find and utilize my genius.

    My hope is that everyone who reads this accomplishes that.

  3. Jen January 20, 2015 at 3:35 am #

    Great article & love the new look of the website. My favourite saying used to be “This Too Shall Pass” and it is so true. I never knew any of this about Beethoven;how inspiring. Keep up the great work.

    • Lynn Silva January 20, 2015 at 8:02 am #

      Hi Jen. First of all, I’m honored that you took the time to read and comment since you just launched your new, AWESOME site yourself. Thanks so much for your support. So often, I’ve disregarded the saying, ‘This too shall pass.’ It’s over-used and when you’re in the thick of trials, sometimes you forget this concept. It really is one of the most valid statements around. After all, you positively cannot succeed or triumph without first going through some type of failure. It’s during this time, that it’s so imperative that you just hang on, wait for the dust to settle and it will likely lead you to success. Thanks again for reading and looking forward to reading your content and growing from it as well!

  4. Till January 20, 2015 at 3:11 am #

    This is amazing Lynn! I love how you bring together creativity, art, business and personal development. This is what a true Entrepreneur does, connecting what exists and looking at it in a new way or creating something new out of it.

    Great to see your site is back up! 🙂

    • Lynn Silva January 20, 2015 at 7:57 am #

      Hi Till and thanks so much for commenting. Yes! I honestly believe that every single one of us has a ‘genius’ within us and in order to tap into it, you absolutely have to combine everything in your past, your passion, your past experiences and your business sense in order to release it. Once you start doing it, you will find that it completely changes your life.

  5. Susanne January 21, 2015 at 1:17 am #

    Love this post, Lynn! Sometimes it is our children who carry out our long held intentions, as obviously Beethoven did. This aspect helps me relax about my business and go about it – again – one step at a time.

    • Lynn Silva January 21, 2015 at 8:09 am #

      Hi Susanne! 🙂

      I LOVE what you said about children carrying out the parent’s intentions. It’s so true in many instances! I had a scholarship to a really awesome university and passed it up because I was too afraid to leave my parents. Well, in the fall, Savvy, my 7th grader, informed me that she wants to go to the same university. I’d NEVER told her about passing the scholarship up. I thought it was so amazing that 5 years out, she’s already working toward something I was too afraid to go after. I guess it does drive home one point, which is what I wanted to make…and that is, that in life, those second chances are all around us. We just have to reach out and grab them. Thanks for reading and commenting! : )

    • Debrah July 19, 2016 at 2:47 am #

      How neat! Is it really this silpem? You make it look easy.

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