Boost Creativity & Productivity Using the Barefoot Marketing Trend

The Barefoot Marketing Trend isn’t just hype. One of the most common pain points online marketers battle is clarity and productivity. A while back, a 6 figure per year acquaintance told me to research ‘earthing.’ I didn’t take him serious. He said, “Let me put it this way Lynn. If you want to be a successful marketer, you have to go barefoot more. Just look it up.” My first reactionBarefoot Marketing, grounding, earthing, creativity, productivity was to laugh, but out of respect for him, I kept a straight face. As a result, I researched it. As it turns out, he’s right! 

Colors are energy. Light is energy. Hence, electrical impulses, conscious and unconscious, are energy. The brain, the spinal cord, the heart, the nervous system all operate on electrical impulses. 

Barefoot Benefits For Marketers


  • Decreases inflammation & improves/eliminates symptoms of many ailments
  • Reduces/eliminates chronic pain
  • Improves Sleep; Promotes deeper sleep
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Lowers stress 
  • Promotes balance for focus & clarity by cooling down the nervous system
  • Balances body’s biological rhythms
  • Improves circulation/blood pressure by thinning the blood
  • Relieves muscle tension/headaches
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Dramatically speeds healing time 
  • Reduces/eliminates jet lag
  • Protects body against potentially health disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

For marketers, the aforementioned establishes a much more focused, balanced physical and mental state. Consequently, when your body, your mind and your energy are all balanced, you’re at your peak. Furthermore, you metabolize food better. Your quality of sleep increases. Creativity and productivity skyrocket and you’re able to create that momentum that keeps your business growing.

How It Works

So what activates or charges these impulses? It’s a force of energy. But where does it originate? The explanation can become complicated, so here is the most simplified one. The earth is like a battery. It’s surface is filled with electrons. Electrons carry negative charges, which are paramount in fighting mutated cells within the body. But then in comes the Ionosphere, located about 60 miles away from Earth’s surface. This is where atoms and molecules become ionized, or charged. So they either get a positive or a negative charge from the sun. The negative charges are transferred to Earth through lightning, while the positive charges remain 60 miles away in the Ionosphere.

At this point, for anyone who suffers from pain or inflammation, it becomes interesting. If you aren’t grounded enough, you begin to lack these negatively charged ions…AKA…electrons. The human body needs electrons just as much as it needs Oxygen and water. 

Backed By Science

Recent studies released by the U.S. National Library of Medicine indicate that as we age, stress is a significant antagonist for inflammation.  As a result, this may lead to multiple diseases and ailments. It was unclear how stress influences disease and health until recently. They’ve found that during times of psychological stress, the body loses its ability to regulate its inflammatory response. 

What Does This Have To Do With Marketers?

When the body lacks electrons, it inevitably suffers from inflammation. This leads to pain. In turn it causes arthritis, heart disease, Cancer and many other ailments. Because of this, its more difficult to develop products, create ad campaigns & build momentum for marketers. Inflammation is caused by neutrophils. These are white blood cells that go to the site of the inflammation, injury, or infection. Their primary job is to strip electrons from the inflamed site. Consequently, they continue doing this until that cell is destroyed.

However, if there aren’t enough electrons in the cell to continue stealing until that cell dies off, these white blood cells will steal the electrons from a nearby healthy cell. They can’t distinguish the difference between a healthy cell and an abnormal cell. They only know their job is to steal electrons and speed up the elimination of the cell they were drawn to in the first place. So once that cell has died off, they’re drawn to the nearby cell(s). This process continues, thus feeding the cycle of pain and inflammation in the body. 

ATP, which is adenosine triphosphate is the energy source of all cells in the body. When you’re grounded, it allows electrons to enter the body via ATP. Pain can be reduced by as much as 60-70%. Electrons enter the body through grounding. As a result, the neutrophils are signaled that there’s an unhealthy cell. However, because of grounding, there will be enough electrons so that they don’t steal them from nearby healthy cells. 

Anyone Can Become a Barefoot Marketer!

To further solidify the act of grounding, there are 21 published studies on the subject. The good thing about grounding is that you don’t need a prescription from a doctor to do it. It’s your God given birth right. In addition, it’s FREE! Who knew that simply kicking off those shoes and walking around in the grass could be so energizing?

The mere act of going barefoot anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes a day promotes wellbeing, mental clarity and better sleep. It also balances the body’s basic biological rhythms & combats chronic inflammation and pain. As a result, grounding is the most natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging remedy around! No wonder marketers are taking advantage of this God-given birth-right. 

In closing, the main idea is to get barefoot! Go outside every single day and put your hands and feet on the earth. 

Staying Aligned

If you’d like to pinpoint any weaknesses in your marketing endeavors, try a muscle testing consult. Its valuable in finding weaknesses in marketing funnels. As a result, by measuring the energy, you can identify where your energy is imbalanced and know whether to improve ad copy, pricing, target market, and much more. 

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