How NOT To Lose Your Mind – Brain Food & the Entrepreneur

Plants need water. Cars need gas (or electricity). Minds need brain food.

Are you forgetting things? Have you ever had that fear you’re going to lose your mind? Have you had a loved one lose their mind to Alzheimer’s/Dementia and the thought of it happening to you freaks you out? These fears are real. They become even louder if a blood relate has problems with their mind.

Denial As a Coping Mechanism

Losing memory and brain function is a possibility in our family. My grandpa was diagnosed with Dementia a few years ago and it was one of the most difficult times for our family. I remember talking with my husband about my grandpa’s memory loss.

We could both see him slipping away. I brought up these feelings with my family. Everyone was in denial at first. My family would say, “Oh he’s an old man. He’s doing fine for his age.”

Looking back at it now, deep down, they all knew he had Dementia and that it was more than just old age. They didn’t want to know and that’s why they kept pushing me away and pretending it was normal aging changes.

…Hmm, where did I set my keys…Did I pay the light bill…How could I forget Aunt Kay’s birthday…

Reality Eventually Ensues

Have you ever had someone you’ve known for your entire life look you in the eye like it’s the first you’ve met? It was the strangest feeling for me. My grandpa visited our home a few years back. When he came in the house, he didn’t know who me or my husband were.

He looked around at our home as if it were his first visit. Then, he commented on how open it was. After a big sigh, he mentioned the large counter space. My heart died inside. His body was there but his mind wasn’t. Of course I understood, but it still hurts to have your own grandpa not know you. To look at you like you’re a complete stranger.

That was the day I really felt like I’d lost him and reality set in ten and there. It definitely took some adjusting to. You first go through trying to understand how it happened.

Then you try to figure out why him. Thoughts of regret and guilt lingered. I mean, he ate a healthy diet off the land. He was an active guy who loved being a farmer. What went wrong?

…Can’t seem to focus at work some days, especially on an empty stomach…Forgot about the staff meeting…Hmm, did I turn that report in…I can’t remember…

My thoughts crept even deeper. This could be my mother in a few years. I mean they have very similar personalities and similar traits. This could be me in a few more years…or even now! Has it already started happening? OH NO!

…Could this be why I forget things now…Is this why I can’t be as productive at work…I’m not as creative as I used to be…

Losing Your Mind Is NOT Inevitable

So I began researching brain food. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of this being your reality. You see, the brain is composed of cells called neurons. They receive and send messages. If these cells don’t receive proper brain food for nourishment, they become inflamed.

They can also die off. So when they die, your memory is compromised. These are the cells you need to feed to prevent Alzheimer’s and preserve memory cells. Diets rich in omega 3’s will feed these cells and keep them vibrant and alive. One of the best foods is wild salmon.


brain food

Why Salmon Is Excellent Brain Food

Eat wild salmon for good brain structure. When purchasing salmon it’s very important that you purchase wild, not farmed salmon. Farmed salmon doesn’t contain mega 3’s. The reason wild salmon has great quality omega 3’s is because it comes from the food it eats in the ocean.

Farmed salmon are swimming around in a tank with a few feet of water and don’t eat what wild salmon do in the ocean to give it the omega 3’s. It’s the food wild salmon eat in the ocean that make it rich in omega 3’s, not the salmon itself.

Massive Improvement At Work & Home!

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults consume 1,100 to 1,600 milligrams of omega 3 per day. 4 ounces of Atlantic wild salmon contains anywhere from 1,200 to 2.400 milligrams of omegas.

I’ve had some amazing results with adding this food 2-3 times per week and you will too. Eating wild salmon has helped my mind be sharper and clearer. This is very important for a mom and an entrepreneur.

Another happy bi-product is that my hair and skin have been healthier. My hair is soft and shiny. The skin on the bottom of my heels has also gotten softer. I never get cracked heals and that makes my feet feel a lot more comfortable…and look a lot prettier!

Kids Even Benefit

Omega 3’s promote healthy vision and brain development in children. No wonder wild salmon is considered brain food!

My kids have had better concentration at school. They enjoy school more and they’re better at it. In addition, they seem to have had extra energy for outside extracurricular activities. It’s absolutely amazing at how far brain food can carry you.

What Else Feeds the Brain?

There are tons of other things that help fuel the brain. When combined with nutritional food, their power becomes increasingly stronger. You sleep better, have less fatigue, become more creative, seem to complete tasks faster and experience a considerable surge in ambition. These include vibrational tones, music, thoughts, visualization, releasing, games, exercises, videos and more. These can be done in just a few minutes per day.

In the coming months, Diversimom will be registering a new set of students for the Neurogoals program. If you’d like to improve your brain function to help you find and develop the perfect product for your business as well as attain every goal you set, get more information here. 

YOU Choose: Junk Versus Fuel

So now over to you. Which will you choose? Will you choose to nourish your brain and increase your focus, concentration and vibrancy? Or will you put it off and let that nagging anxiety become a reality?

It really is up to YOU.

This is where you can publicly define which one you choose by posting in the comment section. When you publicly declare an intention, there’s a better chance you’ll take action.

Will you choose brain food and have a sharp memory or will you choose to let your brain rot away? Share in the comments below and that will solidify your commitment.

Lisa Suski is a wellness coach, optometrist, wife, and mother to three adorable children. She specializes in nutrition and helps people replace inflammatory foods with nourishing foods to eliminate disease, allow the body to heal, and live in a thriving, vibrant body.

Thank you so much for this article Lisa! If you’d like to find the sneaky cause of mood swings that you didn’t even know about, and more about energizing foods, be sure to visit Lisa’s site. : )

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