3 Keys Gurus Use to Unlock Hidden Mind Power

Mind power is simply anything that fuels your brain. This can be food, water, supplements, exercise and even thoughts. All of these are important, however the greatest of importance are your thoughts. Think about it. A simple thought can literally stagnate you in place, or fuel you with the motivation and passion to take massive action. This is the kind of mind power you want flowing consistently. Desire is one of the strongest antagonists to mind power because it prompts action. Think of desire as a goal-driven energy. When you possess an ample amount of it, it can actually pull whatever is needed to you. This can work either positively or negatively for you. Meaning, you can be a success magnet, or a failure magnet.  It all depends upon how YOU, spend that energy. 

To begin, you want to develop a desire that’s so strong, it’ll cause you to use every ounce of your power and energy taking action to attain that desire. Then, in order to put your actions into turbo mode, you need to hold within you, the deep, true belief that you can and will attain this desire. 

This is what gurus do. They attain their desires because they a strong, vibrant desire for success coupled with the belief that if they keep trying…which means going through many failures…they’ll get there. Gurus never give up. This is because their desires are at the center of their mind power. 


The 3 Keys to Mind Power

1.  Clarity:  Know exactly what you want.

     Being very clear on what you want reigns in focus. It also serves as a specific target for your internal energy. As a result, the mind power, money, daily grind, online business, intuitive, spirituality       Neurogoals you set are aligned with your brain, your heart and your internal energy.  

2.  Desire:  Want it hard enough.

     Wanting something ignites the flame of internal energy. The more clear you are on what you want, the easier it is to ignite.

3.  Matching Internal Belief: Actually believing you can attain your desire.

     This internal belief is what takes that small flame of desire and turns it into the fuel of goal oriented actions that actually get      you there.

It is these 3 things only, which separate those who have a strong sense of purpose, determination and desire, from the rest of us who merely “wish for things”

A strong desire can have a tremendous influence on all of your mental faculties, causing them to put all of their power and energies to work for you.

In fact, without desire you would not do much thinking at all, because there would be very little motive to do so… you would also perform no actions, as there would be no reason for such. Desire is the “mover of action” – both mental as well as physical action.

The more you desire a thing… the more you want something, the harder you will work for it. The stronger you believe in yourself, the more fuel you will generate and the work will come easier for you. In addition, your obstacles and pit-falls will feel worth it. 

Transforming Desire into Mind Power

So most of the time we act solely because we “want” or “like” to. You see, any task you perform under the influence or incentive of a strong desire will seem much easier. Desire and affection are the two main reasons we are influenced or compelled to “do things”

If our desire or affection was somehow absent or missing, then there would be no action. This is because there would be no motive, reason or cause for such action.

Without desire or affection we would be unable to make any choices or decisions. This means we would perform no actions. Hence, desire is the mind power behind action. Remove desire and your mind power evaporates. In turn, you won’t have clarity, fuel or motivation to achieve.  Without this “want” and “want to” there would be no “will to do” and this would lead to “not doing” anything.

Everything we do is prompted by desire in some shape or form. Therefore, it would be impossible for us to remain without desire, and still act in one way or another – or in any way at all.

But before we do so, we must first desire to do so. We have to have that desire to start, a desire to achieve, and a desire to finish what ever it is we want to accomplish in our life. So be specific in what you want. Feel it. Allow that desire to build. Then match that desire with the genuine internal belief that you really can attain it. 

Neurogoals will show you exactly how to align your brain, your heart and energy so that you can attain every desire you hold. Sign up for notification when it launches again. In the meantime, never give up, never give in and pull from within. 

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