Every Desire Has an Equal & Opposite Reality

Have you ever contemplated the forces that make the Law of Attraction work? Millions swear they’ve made more money, restored health, found personal power from within etc. The LOA must be quite a force. Although many dismiss it.

If you tend to be more pragmatic, consider Newton’s Third Law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now relate this to the LOA: Every desire has an equal and opposite reality.

Envision desire as the force that Newton’s Law refers to. When you desire, you aspire to…it hasn’t come to fruition yet. It’s just the force pulling you toward making it a reality. This is the ‘dream’ part of your desire. The reality part is the part where the force of your desire made it reality. Therefore, with every desire, reality will manifest. Looking at it in this form draws the attention of those whom are more pragmatic.


Is the Law of Attraction Real?

There aren’t many things you attain in life without combining natural forces. You alone, will accomplish little to nothing without the use of these forces. This doesn’t refer to literal or physical force, although in laborious instances, it is necessary. This is referring to energy. Electrical impulses. Balance. Therefore you need to utilize various forces of nature in life. 

In most life scenarios, at some point, you have to plan, set goals, form combinations, make arrangements, harmonize…all in an effort to balance in accordance with environments and circumstances. By doing this, it opens doors and attracts the right people and opportunities in order to accomplish things. In other words, the underlying force behind success is that of desire. AKA…the Law of Attraction. 

Using Desire as a Force

Desire is a powerful force. It’s the motivating power that governs your choices, actions and accomplishments. Therefore, desire law of attractionbased upon it’s intensity, this is what promotes your actions and urges you to push forward. It enables you to stay in action even when you meet obstacles, limiting beliefs and distractions. When desire is forceful enough, none of the aforementioned will stop you.

When you practice imagery with your desire this is what sets in motion this powerful force. Form cultivate and envision what you desire. Spend time doing this. See it, hear it, taste it, smell it. Hold these firmly and constantly because envisioning your desires is what fuels them. As a result, it will pre-program your subconscious to think, act and do what is necessary to manifest these desires. This, right here, is the true secret to success. Use your desire as a force. 


Desire May Even Trump Education

That is to say, if a dozen people of equal intelligence, physical health and mental strength…equal in everything except desire, the ones in whom the greatest desire resides and manifests will trump the others in attainment. In addition, among these individuals, the one in whom desire burns like an unquenchable flame will be the one who will master the others by the force of his primitive elementary power: desire.

Examples of these types of people are the online entrepreneurs who go from living in basements and one bedroom apartments to traveling the world and touching millions of people’s lives. Desire is their secret fuel. Just watching them, you feel drawn to them almost irresistibly. These are the entrepreneurs with the strongest kind of desire. The energy (force) they generate can be felt by everyone they come into contact with. 

How Desire Attracts People to You

Once you grasp and utilize the power of desire, not only will it give you that internal energy and clarity to grow your business, but it begins to act as a magnet. The energy you put out, working with others radiates. It’s as if it produces magnetic waves that draw people and opportunities to you.  By using your desire as fuel, it transforms into a powerful force of nature that attracts, draws and falls into balance with your brain and your heart. 

Liken the power of desire and energy it can produce to a tornado. A circular, or whirlpool-like motion in the center, of which the simple notion of desire resides. In turn, everything that comes within its vicinity is swept up in that desire. This leads to momentum, influence and produces success in the highest of forms. 

This energy, this force force of desire…is what prompts the Law of Attraction. There is a natural tendency in nature, when desire is born, to attract and draw every single thing that is needed to fulfill that desire. 

Desire begins with a vision. A dream. The more clearly, and more often you visualize it, feel it…the greater the force it creates. From this force of desire, you can create your reality. Just as Newton’s Third Law proves that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, every single desire has an equal and opposite reality. 

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