How Successful Entrepreneurs Truly Touch Their Clients’ Lives

successful entrepreneurs, diversimom, marketing, online businessSuccessful entrepreneurs have one thing fully developed and in place within their marketing. It’s called the Service Paradigm. The difference between an Influencing Paradigm, and a Service Paradigm was defined in a previous article. To touch lives, as an online business owner, you must be able to market. In order to market effectively, you need to have the right marketing mindset. That mindset consists of being service oriented. If you tend to dread or steer away from online marketing because you feel like you have to be pushy in order to sell, this article will help.

As a recap, the previous article explained that people with an Influencing Paradigm mindset perceive marketing to be ‘leading’ and ‘salesy.’ They’re of the mindset that in marketing, you have to coerce someone to purchase from them. Specifically, that you, more or less, manipulate someone to do something they ordinarily would not do.

Having said that, successful entrepreneurs do not pressure prospective buyers. Release the frame of mind that in order to obtain sales, you need to mislead or trick your clients. It’s all about touching your clients’ lives. Your motive is NOT to convince, but rather to touch lives. Successful entrepreneurs embrace their authenticity combined with strong ethics in order to reach prospects. You can too. 

Successful Entrepreneur Framework

Successful entrepreneurs operate from the Service Paradigm frame of mind.  They believe that prospects consciously act upon their desire to constitute change. They fully accept and believe that an expert can assist them in making this change. Most importantly, they approach prospective clients believing they’ve made the intellectual link between their needs and how they want those needs to be fulfilled.

To be successful in any business, it’s critical that you embrace a Service Paradigm mindset toward your marketing. In this article we’re going to further explore exactly how you can develop a Service Paradigm marketing mindset. As a coach, to outwit your competitors you must create a niche. Once you nail your niche, you must develop a Service Paradigm marketing mindset.

Develop Your Service Paradigm Marketing Mindset:

1. Relentless Belief in Yourself

Know that you know, that you know…you WILL succeed. Successful entrepreneurs have an unabashed belief in their potential. This involves subconscious programming. It isn’t enough just to want it. You have to know from deep within that if you take the right steps, you’ll attract clients whose lives you can deeply impact. When you believe in yourself on both the conscious and the subconscious levels, your confidence will ooze in all of your marketing efforts. Not only that, but it’ll be authentic marketing, because you truly believe you can touch your clients’ lives. There will be zero pushy, ‘salesy’ tactics because you’ll attract clients who want what you portray. 

2. Endure & Conquer Obstacles

Online business owners with a marketing mindset face obstacles head on. When you face challenges, draw upon your inner belief in yourself and cling to it during all obstacles. If you perceive obstacles as impossible, you will never conquer them. Your marketing mindset must begin with relentless belief in yourself. Anticipate obstacles. Then, perceive them as opportunities. With successful entrepreneurs, conquering obstacles becomes almost game-like to them. So when they confront them, they dive in, head on excited because they know if they just push through, they’ll conquer them. For them, overcoming the obstacle is an entire new rush for them and it supplies the ongoing motivation and momentum they need to continuously grow and expand. 

3. Maintain a Positive Outlook at all Times!

Literally nothing destroys a marketing mindset more than a negative attitude. A marketing mindset is a ‘can do’ attitude. Faced with the same challenge, a marketer with a positive ‘can do’ marketing mindset will find a way. However, a marketer with a defeatist attitude will submit and fail. Remember, relentless belief in yourself is the crux of attaining the Service Paradigm mindset. 

4. Set Goals.

Goals are absolutely useless if you don’t know how to set the right goals, at the right time, with the right action. There’s a proven system called Neurogoals that enables you to attain every single long and short term goal you set. It’s all about setting the right ones, setting up time blocks to complete them, and taking the right actions. 

5.  Strategy

Establish a specific plan of action to attain your goals. Identify what resources you’ll need and always mentally prepare for any possible obstacles you may confront. Your strategy should include a daily calendar, time blocks with specific, pre-determined Neurgoals, and laser focus. In addition, 

6. Take Action Everyday

The most difficult part for many marketers is consistency. Successful entrepreneurs implement every single day. This means you have to stay organized. Hence the necessity for scheduling Neurgoals in your daily calendar. Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to implementation. Plan your day the day before, but me prepared to modify last minute. Unexpected things come up for everyone. Be flexible and just make sure that you’re taking the right actions every single day in order to continue moving forward in your business. Even if it’s tiny steps because of unexpected events, a tiny bit of progress over the course of one day is far better than no progress because progress maintains that momentum. In turn, momentum is what keeps your confidence and drive in place. 

7. Market, Market & Market More

Even if you’re just starting out in business, the only way to grow it is to market. Consider it an I.P.A. activity. (income producing activity). Therefore, laser focus upon marketing. However, remember to be of the mindset that you’re marketing yourself as an expert in your niche whose main desire is to touch people’s lives. Always keep this mindset in your marketing efforts. Don’t get trapped into the day to day operations of your business and allow your marketing to slack off. Marketing requires relentless diligence and attention. When you lose your marketing focus, your business will slow significantly. 

Do You Want to Touch Your Clients’ Lives?

You can! The best part is that all you have to do is tweak your mindset so that you’re focused upon using your strengths, genuinely believing in yourself, and conveying that in your marketing. You don’t have to be pushy or even persuasive. Just be the authentic, expert you that truly has a desire to touch people’s lives. 

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