How to Tweak Your Marketing Mindset


Your marketing mindset is the crux of your entire business. If you have an online business, you likely started it for one extremely compelling and valuable purpose; Because you want to make a significant impact upon the lives of others. marketing mindset, online business, diversimom

As an online business entrepreneur, the extent to which you are able to fulfill that objective is contingent upon two factors. Firstly, your skill and effectiveness as an expert in your area. You have to know from deep within that you possess some sort of skill others need and be able to package it in a manner that attracts clients. This article on why you’re a coach should help you with that.

Secondly, on the number of clients you are able to affect through your services. This is directly related to your marketing mindset. This article will focus on the second factor.

Many online marketers fail to recognize the important ethical role that marketing plays in their business. In doing so, they develop a mindset that is self-sabotaging. In the process of assisting people, it’s also relevant for marketers to develop an abundant lifestyle for themselves along the way. It goes along with the saying, ‘Practice what you preach.’ You cannot easily teach something you’re not living or practicing it. Your mindset is paramount in order to practice what you teach.

 Your business is entirely contingent upon your mindset. There are enormously successful entrepreneurs (in terms of client numbers, income and client results), as well as coaches that are barely able to make a living. The difference between these extremes is not their coaching ability, but rather their mindset. You may be an incredibly skilled coach, but unless you have people willing to use your services, your skills are of little to no value.

So what mindset does it take to make money online? Being confident in your own skills and experience is one aspect of your mindset that is paramount. There is, however an equally important second aspect. This is related to ethics and morals, and it’s at this point that the successful marketer surpasses the average one. 

The Marketing Mindset

– Put the needs of prospects and clients first. It’s never about you; Always about them.

– Actively strive to genuinely help clients attain their objectives and not just make a buck.

– Develop and practice genuine empathy so you can feel their pain points.

– Offer all clients same quality & quantity service.

– Provide a balance of encouragement, motivation and ethical advice.

Implementing the aforementioned aspects into online business sets the very foundation of success, growth and stability.

Many online marketers believe marketing is ‘manipulative’ and ‘unethical.’ They feel as though it’s too ‘salesy’ and are uncomfortable with it. If this is you, you need to comprehend why marketing is both ethically valid and commercially crucial. These beliefs can compromise your marketing mindset. 

Ethical Validity

The majority of the human population would benefit from various types of coaching services. These prospects have specific goals they’d like to achieve. Or perhaps some have challenges they’d like to overcome. Some of them have both personal and business challenges. These people are directly at your fingertips. Your main purpose for starting an online business was to help people. 

You have a certain duty of care to assist these people. You can only begin to assist them once they’re utilizing your services. Marketing is the link between the prospect’s desire and your ability to assist them. Your marketing mindset is the link between a struggling online business and a thriving one.

Marketing only becomes unethical in the circumstance that you are not able to fulfill your marketing promise to your client. In this instance you’ve misled your client, either knowingly or unknowingly, and have acted unethically.

On the premise that prospects will seek a coach to assist them attain their specific goals, it’s the ethical obligation of coaches to help prospects select a coach that will best be able to assist them. If a prospective client isn’t a good fit, it’s your ethical responsibility to turn them down and help them find someone who is able to help. To do this coaches should fully, comprehensively and transparently disclose to prospects what services they offer. In addition, clients need to understand where your specialties lie. Include your experiences and jobs that qualify you. Most importantly, clearly define how your services will benefit them.  

Influence Vs Service Paradigm

Marketing is commercially crucial because it links prospects that desire a certain outcome with skilled professionals trained to assist them achieve that outcome. It identifies you as someone that may be able to assist prospects with their pre-qualified needs. By seeking out information on services, prospects have already identified for themselves:

1. That there are certain things in their life they’d like to attain or challenges they’d like to overcome.
2. That they want an expert with the requisite skills and experience to assist them.
3. That they are willing to invest financially in the process.

The above is an extremely important point, and one that you need to base your marketing upon. As explained earlier, online marketers and coaches generally come from one of two schools of thought with respect to marketing.

The first school of thought perceives marketing to be ‘leading’ and ‘salesy.’ They come from the paradigm that by marketing you are proactively influencing someone in their decisions. Or specifically that you manipulate clients to do something they would not otherwise do. We call this train of thought the Influencing Paradigm.

The second school of thought accepts that prospects are people that have identified for themselves their need to invoke change. They’ve identified that an expert (you) will assist them make that change. They recognize that the prospect has made the intellectual link between their needs and how they want those needs to be fulfilled. We call this train of thought the Service Paradigm.

Choosing the Right Paradigm marketing mindset, diversimom, neurogoals, online business

The thought processes of these two perspectives are entirely bipolar. One regards the prospect as someone reluctantly coerced into utilizing a service. The other one regards the prospect as a proactive individual capable of determining their needs that has actively sought out professional services.

As an online entrepreneur, it’s paramount that you place yourself in the second paradigm of thinking. Only then will you be able to ethically fulfill your desire of genuinely helping your clients. In turn, you can attain your desire of building a successful online business.

Tips For Developing the Service Paradigm

By putting yourself in the Service Paradigm of thought you will recognize that to assist clients meet their objectives, you should:

a)  Actively promote your services through magnetizing ad copy, images & video that clearly describes what you offer.

b)  Remember that as the expert, you are often in a better position of knowledge to ascertain your client needs.

c)  Be empathetic to client needs. Offer solutions through various products and services. Know their pain points.

d)  Respect your client’s intelligence and ability to make their own decisions.

e)  Do not pre-empt your client’s wants and hence limit the range and scope of products and services you offer them.

f)  Always acts as an ethical adviser.

g)  Always, always put the client’s needs first.

Once you adopt the Service Paradigm to marketing, you’ll realize that marketing provides you with a powerful advantage. You will be equipped to truly help your clients and build a consistent, stable online business. Using the aforementioned objective creates a win-win situation for you and your clients. 

In the second part of this article we’ll provide you with further information on how to develop your Marketing Mindset and a Service Paradigm.

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