What is a Neurogoal?


 ONE action towards a specific outcome. They begin with the RIGHT thought (that overrides  limiting beliefs) with the RIGHT action within specific time blocks.




What YOU Get:

  • Attain every goal
  • Quick results
  • Stand out
  • Focus & clarity
  • Perfect products
  • Gain time

97 % of  Courses Are Never Completed!

There’s tons advice about taking action, attaining goals, not procrastinating, but it’s either too in depth or too vague to incorporate.  Neurogoals fills this gap.

What Others Are Saying

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Nita C. Brown

“When you mentioned gray being blah, Lynn, I immediately associate that color with ‘useless’, and I’d schedule study time or research in gray! No wonder I never felt the need to do it, because everything I schedule important AKA ‘money-making’ is in green. BIG eye-opener here.”

diversimom, neurogoals, goals
Pavandeep Saras-Shakti



“Love the anti-distraction technique, my productivity has shifted since I started using it.” 

Neurogoals aligns your internal thoughts AND gives you the external skills needed to make (more) money online so you can keep your head above water! Scroll for more…

neurogoals, diversimom, time management, clarity, direction

Without alignment, your internal balance will always be off…

In order to compensate, you sink all your energy into the area that feels ‘off’…

so you move to another area…

in doing so, you’re not so focused on your business…

so you divert and focus on business…

only to realize you’re neglecting your family…

so you focus on family for a while and notice you’re gaining weight…

so you focus on weight loss…

Thus neglecting other areas…

Pretty soon, you get burned out & change your focus again…


This is the perfect example of the Time Twister. It’s a vicious cycle and you just feel like you’re going in circles.


With Neurogoals You Will:



  • Identify YOUR unique "thing" that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Get Crystal Clear on your Ultimate Goal so you know where to focus.
  • Change your thinking so thoughts don't hold you back.
  • Attain every single goal you set by performing daily Neurogoals.
  • Find & target an audience that WANTS to buy from you.
  • Build a product/service your audience WANTS.
  • Set up a basic funnel & email sequence.
  • Figure out what to outsource first...second...etc.

Your internal power is all you need. You just need to balance it. 


You want to incorporate 100% of your energy into ONE area that covers all aspects of your life.  In many cases, you assume the problem is rooted in the area you’re experiencing difficulty in. Not true! 


Is This You?


  • You're not attracting new clients & look for everything within your business to fix it when you're actually completely disconnected from a personal relationship with your partner or kids, thus completely derailing your focus.​
  • You're worried about competitors when the actual solution is to focus on developing the skills to nail your target audience.
  • You don't have enough time/money to invest in your business but you watch TV for 2 hours a day & buy Starbucks every other day when you could cut both of these out to have more money/time.
  • You say you'll focus on your business as soon as...you lose weight...get more money...have more skills etc. when all you need is internal confidence.

Cars burn gas & oil, move slower and ride very rough when out of alignment.


Your body is the exact same way when it’s out of alignment – Work & life are a very bumpy ride. 


Neurogoals give you:


     The RIGHT thoughts…


     With the RIGHT actions…


     At the RIGHT time (within specific time         blocks)


To keep your brain, heart & energy aligned.

Car Double Rainbow



You’re developing internally what you need to take action upon externally AT THE SAME TIME.  


In other words:

Your clarity fuels your purpose & passion to grow your business…

The positive energy from this fuels your personal life…

Your confidence creates more internal energy & power…



Internal shifts are the KEY to attaining the mindset to determine your target customers, find their pain points & create products your audience WANTS. It’s not all about working harder. Scroll for more.

Big Ideas That Fade

Do you remember the last major business idea you watched fade away? As hard as you tried, you just couldn’t hang on to it. Little by little, it was suffocated by other ideas, tasks & ventures. By the time it  disappeared completely, you likely barely even noticed. What really happened?


Here’s What Went Wrong

You focused on external tips, tricks, free ebooks…all of which stole your focus away from your idea. Ideas come from within, but we never realize that in order to bring them to life, we have to look internally as well.

The problem is that none of us have time to work on internal stuff when we have to put food on the table. 

This is where Neurogoals fills the gap. You work on both from the INSIDE OUT. 


There’s ONE quality that determines success…


Overcoming self-sabotage and procrastination is THE proven process that aligns your energy so your business can reach that next level. Your mind is clear…confident…and has room to brainstorm, market, create and build huge momentum.



There is ALWAYS an internal root of discord, or imbalance that’s at the center of you not making money online. So you have to look inside first, and your own body will tell you what to work on on the outside, that being the actual business tasks or skills. But it comes from inside. Neurogoals helps shift your mindset first, and then gives you the external skills as well. This is much faster and cheaper than hiring a personal coach. Invest in yourself & reap the rewards. You’re worth it. 


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