The Guaranteed Secret to Goal Setting

Goal setting is vital for any successful business. How easy is it to attain your goals? What’s your track record? Do you set and attain business goals, or do you crash and burn a few weeks in and eventually abandon them altogether?

You’re not alone. It’s probably fair to say that at least 90% of those who set goals abandon their efforts and fly by the seat of the their pants instead.

The Problem

On the surface, there are many explanations for ineffective goal setting. Lack of discipline, knowledge and/or willpower. A lack of organization and lack of time.

These are all symptoms of the root problem.

  1. The unabashed truth is that your subconscious doesn’t truly believe you can attain them.
  2. Way down deep, there’s a voice that whispers powerful doubts. It’s so subtle that you probably don’t even consciously recognize it.
  3. One thought builds upon another, in the form of excuses, procrastination and distractions. Eventually, these thoughts steal your motivation.
  4. Then your progress shuts down and you lose sight of your goal setting altogether.
  5. The brain and the heart are out of sync.

The Solution

You want to obtain a state of mind where your brain and your heart are aligned. Your heart wants to achieve something, and your subconscious brain tells your heart that it’s actually possible.

When your brain and your heart match, you are 90% more likely to succeed at all of your goal setting.

When your brain and your heart aren’t in sync with each other, it’s because your subconscious is hyper-focused on the gap between what you want to achieve and your present situation.

It’s like an error message in a computer. Your subconscious automatically overrides your hopes and ambitions telling your very core that no, this isn’t you.

As a result, your subconscious brain reverts to what it’s already programmed for, because that’s what normal is to it. Because of this, your energy…as in the electrical impulses inside your body…work against each other instead of working synergistically. Your brain, your heart and your energy all must be equally balanced in order to attain your goals. This is directly related to your subconscious programming.

You have to reprogram these subconscious norms/beliefs to match your goal setting efforts with your hopes and dreams. This is where neuroplasticity comes in.

In previous years, scientists believed that we’re stuck with the brain that we’re born with; that the impulses and messages it produces cannot be altered, changed or reversed.

However, in recent years, science has proven this to be false.

Your brain, right now, can be rewired!

Where To Begin Goal Setting

We already know that your brain is going to override any conscious goals you set for yourself because of how it’s wired.

So to begin, you want to release the idea of goal setting from your mind and replace it with Neurogoals.

They target the unconscious mind so that you create messages between both your conscious and unconscious mind that balance the brain and the heart.

Goal Setting originates from your heart. Neurogoals originate in your subconscious brain.

Most people will never achieve their dreams unless their subconscious brains actually believe they can.

A neurogoal is the act of setting a core belief and then setting a goal that matches it.

How to Set Goals Based Upon a Core Belief

The core belief has to be set first.

Otherwise, if you just set a goal, your subconscious will attach a previously established self-limiting belief to your goal…thereby sabotaging your chances of attaining it.

  1. Set a core belief that you need right now in order to take the first step of a goal you have. Write it down. Rewrite so that it’s believable and powerful. Visualize. Say it out loud. Hear it. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it.
  2.  Now set your goal based upon the positive core belief you just created.


Core belief: I’m an expert at creating attention grabbing Facebook images.

Goal: To post engaging images and content on my Facebook page every single day.


Do you enjoy making images clear and finding catchy quotes to link to your site, articles or products?

Is all of your content attention grabbing? It doesn’t matter. Do NOT focus on any of those kinds of thoughts.

What matters is that you become an expert at it despite your feelings.

When you believe you’re an expert, thoughts such as ‘making images is boring,’ or ‘I suck at creating engaging content,’ don’t take over and run deep inside your subconscious.

Eventually, goal setting will be automatically programmed deep inside.

The Two Triggers

In dealing with habits and/or goal setting, there are two triggers.

Generally speaking, in order to attain your goals, it requires shifting habits to some degree. If you didn’t need to shift habits, you’d already have attained the goal.

So right off the bat, know that you’re going to need to shift, eliminate and/or develop different habits than you practice right now.

1) The Freak Out, Fear of Failure, I Can’t Do it Trigger

This is the trigger that you’re used to. It comes from your subconscious and 99% of the time, it succeeds by completely blocking you from attaining your goals.

When you hit something that you fear, this is where you trip up and your subconscious tries to override your goal.

It detects your fear and immediately goes into override in order to subside the fear. But in addition to making the fear go away, it also takes away your ambition to attain your goal.

Conscious goal setting is never guaranteed success. Neurogoals, however are successful an average of 90% of the time, or more.

If you’re experiencing feelings of fear, doubt or procrastination, you have a subconscious, deeply seeded fear of failure.

Down in your core, you believe that whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, you can’t. THIS IS THE ROOT OF YOUR FAILURE.

You must alter the brainwave activity that occurs when you’re facing a task you need to complete in order to reach your goal and reverse it so that your brain produces motivating brainwaves, not fearful ones.

Right here, is where your new core belief that you set to match your goal comes into play. Use it. More on this in a minute. Keep reading.

2) The I Did It, Life is Awesome, Success Trigger

When you perform at your best, have a breakthrough or make progress on something you strive for, your ventral striatum is triggered.

The main function of the striatum coordinates multiple aspects of cognition, including motor and action planning, decision-making, motivation, reinforcement, and reward perception.

 This is the part of the brain that experiences reward.

When it’s triggered, a surge of dopamine is released thereby causing a feeling of accomplishment and elation around the goal you’ve either achieved or gotten closer to achieving.

I mentioned earlier that it’s imperative to leverage your new core belief. Here’s How:

Subconscious Priming

The whole idea centered around setting Neurogoals is to correlate messages between the conscious and subconscious mind, thereby balancing the brain and the heart.

Follow these steps in sequential order and you will begin attaining every single ‘neurogoal’ you set.

  1. Align your core belief with something you need in order to obtain a specific goal. Write it down. Display it if that helps. Reword it several ways. Visualize it. Feel it.
  2. Set your new ‘neurogoal.’ (See the examples shown earlier in this post)
  3. Clearly comprehend and grasp the purpose and meaning of your neurogoal. If you’re not sure how to do this, spend a few minutes visualizing. Close your eyes. Truly see, hear, taste and feel what it’s like to have attained that neurogoal. Relish it for a few minutes, everyday, if need be.
  4. Face your fears. Fears present themselves in doubtful thoughts, distractions, procrastinations and excuses. Face them all. Repeat your core belief that you established for this particular task. Say it out loud. Say it in different words. Hang on to it for dear life until it begins drowning out those doubtful thoughts, excuses, distractions etc.
  5. Focus on the few things that you need to do, especially the ones that you’re good at, in order to attain the neurogoal. Play to your strengths.

Every single time you meet your goal, or a benchmark for your goal, the Success Trigger will be activated.

This generates self-worth, confidence, ambition, passion and builds momentum.

You’re All Set!

These steps help you trigger the correct subconscious state of mind necessary for reaching your goals, dreams and passions. There is so much you can do and it’s all right there inside you, but if you do these five things mentioned in this article, you will begin reaching your goals.

If you’d like to master a sure fire method on goal setting, check out the Neurogoals System

Has this been helpful to you? In what ways has it inspired you? Please comment and take a moment to share this article. Much love, much respect until next time!

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