How to Use Your Intuition in Online Marketing

Is intuition conscious or subconscious? Do you ever have de ja vu moments where you feel like whatever situation you’re in has already happened? Or you’re about to do something and you have a really strong ‘red flag’ about the entire circumstance? What about an all around ‘bad’ feeling, that comes out of nowhere. Then a little while later, you receive very bad news?

How about your choice in friends? Relationships? Business deals? Do you get hunches about people and later on realize your hunch was right? These are all indicators of your inner intuition trying to guide you. So how do you explain Buyers’ Remorse? That feeling home buyers get shortly after their offer on a home is accepted and they enter escrow? If everyone gave into this, the real estate industry would tank even worse than it did in 2009. Is this intuition also? Read on for the answer to this question.

The strength and accuracy of your intuition directly correlates with your subconscious programming. Having said that, it’s important to truly grasp the definition of the word. 

Defining Intuition

Most dictionaries will say that intuition is the ability to understand something immediately.  Likely from an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. In other words, intuition comes from somewhere within. It’s a form of subconscious reasoning and everyone has it.

Arianna Huffington describes it perfectly in her book Thrive, “Even when we’re not at a fork in the road, wondering what to do and trying to hear that inner voice, our intuition is always there, always reading the situation, always trying to steer us the right way. But can we hear it? Are we paying attention? Are we living a life that keeps the pathway to our intuition unblocked? Feeding and nurturing our intuition, and living a life in which we can make use of its wisdom, is one key way to thrive, at work and in life.”

In a nutshell, intuition is your mind using more than what you’re consciously aware of. When making decisions, possessing accurate intuition is a huge advantage for online marketers. Strong intuition has to be balanced so that it can serve to bridge the gap between instinct or reasoning (subconscious) and rational (conscious) thinking. Religious and cultural bias often clouds the validity of following intuition. As a result, some people don’t follow their hunches to their own detriment. Intuition does NOT necessarily mean that you’re psychic. You don’t have to completely reject scientific logic in order to use your intuition. It’s a matter of balance. If you can accept this, you’ll be able to use both conscious reasoning and subconscious hunches in your marketing efforts. 

Now that you realize it’s about balance, there are two relevant questions. Can you trust your intuition? Are there ways to maximize it? 

3 Ways to Develop Strong Intuition

Gary Kasparov , retired chess champion, says he could beat the best artificial intelligence chess games by combining logical analysis with hunches on which move was best. He balanced both. This is what you can do too. 

Have you ever bought a car in which you hadn’t seen a lot of that model or color on the road before? Then, all of a sudden, you begin seeing it all over. When you look for things or patterns, you become more aware of them. Such is the same with developing intuition. Watch for those gut feelings and you’ll begin feeling them more often. You just have to train your mind to look for it. 

Here are some tips

1. Recognize & Encourage Intuition

To do this, you need to listen to the thoughts and feelings that arise in every situation. The more you tune into your (subconscious) mind and body, the louder your intuition speaks to you. Introverts are generally very intuitive because they spend a lot of time in solitude. It is during this time that they become aware of their inner language so they recognize it when it’s sending red flags or gut feelings. Intuition is an internal, subconscious warning device. This is where many people reject it because they label it as being psychic. Everyone has intuition.

Unfortunately, a strong hunch can be for irrelevant reasons too.  For example, if you have regular thoughts of not being good enough or experienced enough to execute a successful marketing campaign, this will knock your intuition off kilter. Or perhaps you’ve experienced previous campaigns that have failed. As a result, your ‘hunches’ will be combined with your lack of trust in yourself. If you study, facts and statistics, you will learn that most successful marketers have to experience failed campaign strategies in order to find and execute a successful one.

Such is the same with ‘Buyers’ Remorse.’ You may have a belief that you’re not good with money because you’ve spent irresponsibly in the past. After you make a big purchase, such as a home, you begin second guessing yourself and ‘Buyers’ Remorse’ sets in. Is this intuition, or self-limiting beliefs? It’s important to distinguish the two. Buyer’s Remorse is more of a hunch, or bad feeling. So when it sets in, use your conscious brain to rationalize. When you made the offer, did you make it based upon the belief that you can afford the monthly payments? If so, your ‘hunch’ is based upon limiting beliefs. If, however you made the offer because you simply love the house, and gave no consideration to monthly payments, then your intuition may be correct. When your ‘hunches’ balance with your conscious rationalizations, this is a good indicator that your intuition is accurate. Look for and find the balance. 

2. Tune In

A good start is to stop ignoring those little hunches you get. Instead of dismissing them, explore them. Try to pinpoint the strongest feeling your hunch is bringing you. Then use that feeling and rationalize whatever the situation is. When you do this, you’re combining both your subconscious intuition with your conscious rationale.

Where does your intuition work best? If you’re always right about your intuitive stock picks, give a little credence to them. On the other hand, if your hunches about people are usually wrong, don’t follow them. Just pay attention more, and you’ll be developing intuition about your intuition.

Meditation is highly beneficial for connecting to the subconscious. As a result, this exercises your intuition. You become more mindful of your body’s subconscious reactions as well as your fight or flight mechanism. You’re more connected to that inner monologue that is constantly working just beneath the conscious level.

3. Feed Intuition Information it Can Work With

When you’re in a positive state of mind, your intuition is stronger. Strong emotions, especially negative ones, can cloud intuition. Limiting beliefs are generally false. At the very least, they’re exaggerations of reality. When you’re feeing your subconscious with false facts, your intuitive accuracy is compromised.intuition, online marketing, diversimom, neurogoals, energy

Generally, you know that when you’re upset, you’re not yourself. This is because your mind, body and spirit aren’t balanced. If they aren’t, then you’re disconnected from your intuition. Be mindful of your state of mind in all your marketing efforts so that your intuition comes through. 

Your skill, knowledge and experience determine the potential effectiveness of your intuition. No weak chess player will ever intuitively beat that computer, like Kasparov can. Learn enough about a subject, before expecting good hunches, or before trusting them. Work in the area you want more intuition in. When enough information is in your mind, it will go to work for you with or without your conscious participation, so feed it well.

Recognize your intuition and you’ll have hunches and ideas more often. Tune into it and you’ll learn when to trust it. Give it good information and you’ll be repaid with good hunches and ideas. This is the simple formula for developing intuition.

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