3 Super Secret Tips Entrepreneurs Use to Maintain Laser Focus

For entrepreneurs, state of mind is key. It’s called laser focus. This is what feeds your motivation and creativity. It enhances your productivity. In addition, it encourages faster and more targeted product development. 

Think of a time when you had a list of things you needed to complete in a day and you just breezed right through all of them.  Then, the following day, you faced distractions and interruptions.  Completing even half of your tasks was like pulling teeth. There is something about checking off your ‘to do’ list that produces that much needed drive, self-confidence and motivation that successful entrepreneurs seem to come by naturally. 

Here are three super secret tips successful entrepreneurs do on a daily basis. By doing them every single day, they eventually just come naturally. You can do this too. As a result, you’ll begin to thrive off of the momentum you build.

1. What Controls Your Attention Controls Your Results

Whatever grabs your attention, controls your productivity. Therefore, if your attention isn’t laser focused on the right activities, your energy will drain quickly. This means you have to find and sustain income producing activities that fire up those electrical impulses in your body that give you the energy and drive to maintain focus on things that move you forward on a daily basis.  

Set & Follow a Daily To Do List

Successful entrepreneurs use calendars to weed out distractions. The main benefit of using a calendar is to conserve energy by making as few decisions as possible. Therefore, if you’re using your calendar correctly, you’re already programmed to focus on what the next task in your calendar. You don’t have to waste energy deciding on the fly what needs to be done or how to do it.

The most common place that sidetracks people is transitioning from one task to the next task. This is where color psychology laser focus, neurogoals, diversimom, focus, online businesscomes into play. By color coding your daily calendar using color psychology, it will be color coded into specific time blocks. So product development will be one color. Working out will be another. Colors are light, and light is energy. Use color psychology and code your calendar with the right colors that instigate the right energy for your particular daily tasks. This way, when you transition from one task to another, your brain instantly transitions. This minimizes the chance of distraction.  

Critical thinking activities take a lot of energy. For example, Mark Zuckerburg wears the same thing every single day. He never has to waste time or energy deciding what to wear because the decision has already been made. Having a calendar system maximizes your time and minimizes the energy it takes to make to decisions. 

Laser Focus on the RTA Method

Here is the unabashed truth: You will NEVER get it all done so don’t even waste your energy trying to! How many days have you ended worrying about everything you didn’t get done? Your focus is off. Only focus on what you did complete. Not only focus on it, but celebrate it. 

Entrepreneurs laser focus on doing what brings the most needed results. Use the RTA Method. The right thoughts, at the right time, with the right actions. This will keep your focus. You could spend the same amount of time and energy and have completely different results without this method. 

For example, you have 60 minutes set aside in your daily tasks for connecting with others. You can respond to social media comments and likes, or you can spend it personally emailing or messaging prospective buyers. 

To learn more about color psychology and the RTA Method, get notified when Neurogoals opens up for registration. Attain every goal you set, and complete the perfect product lineup for your business. 

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