Highly Effective Goals Cheat Sheet For Entrepreneurs

There’s a reason why you need a goals cheat sheet:

You’ve been there. You set a major, life-changing goal that you’re bound and determined to attain. Basking in the adrenaline and excitement, you share your goal with everyone who will listen. Then, fast forward to a few months down the road when you wake up one morning and realize that you’ve made little to no progress. Nada. Zilch. 

What happened? You’re not alone. I’ve been there. Many have been there. But you never can figure out WHY or HOW you got from absolute euphoria over your goal to just silently giving up and walking away. If only there were a goals cheat sheet

This is What Happened

That euphoria and passion you had in the beginning…it faded away, and you let it. As the days passed by, you allowed some external distraction or doubtful person chip away at your passion. You’d tell yourself you’d hit it hard tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow…until pretty soon, the distractions and doubtful, unmotivated people in your life sucked your energy out…along with your passion…along with your goal. 

Remember this:  When you set a goal, you must, you must, YOU MUST…hang on to it. If you don’t, it will slip away within those daily menial tasks, routines, habits and duties we all call life. 

How To Hang Onto Your Goalsgoals cheat sheet

When you have something valuable, that’s important in your life, you don’t neglect it, put it off, or lose track of it. For example, your phone or your car keys. You always keep track of them, right? And when you realize you’ve set them somewhere, you stop everything and hunt them down.

What about young children? Do you let babies or toddlers out of your site? Do you put off feeding them? Of course not. Treat your goals the same way. Hang on to them like you would your phone or keys and feed and nurture them like you would a child. 

Your Goals Cheat Sheet

Read this goals cheat sheet every single day and practice all of them. Each of these are ways to help you hang on to your goals amidst the distracting chaos of everyday life. This is the guaranteed path to attaining every goal you set for the rest of your life. 

Define Your ‘Why’

Dig deep on this. Find all of the reasons behind your reason for wanting to attain your goals. Keep writing down your reasons until you either become teary eyed or completely giddy with excitement. This is when your ‘why’ oozes into your subconscious. 


Attach a positive belief for every single goal you set.  They’re called Neurogoals, and they’re far more powerful than regular goals, because they originate from a subconscious positive belief. 

Maintain Clarity

Laser focus on creating step-by-step systems and processes that break down your big goal into tiny steps  or goals, so that you’re always progressing. 

 Relentless Consistency

Incorporate your ‘tiny steps’ into your everyday tasks and be sure to complete AT LEAST one per day…no exceptions.


When you’re ‘not in the mood’ to work on your goals, you’re on the verge of some sort of breakthrough. PUSH! 

Motivation Juice:

Envision the final outcome of your goal. Take  2 minutes and just feel it. How does it look, sound, taste, smell? Bask in it long enough to feed your passion and revive your ‘why.’ 

Block Negative Influence

Share your goals ONLY with those whom will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable. This will block out ‘Debbie Downers.’ 

Down Time:

Schedule it and don’t extend it. What you set, is what you get regardless of your mood.

One Step at a Time

If you begin to feel overwhelmed at the ‘Big Picture,’ divert your focus back to your tiny steps. 

Learn Everyday

Invest in mastering  your specialty and marketing it through courses, coaching, groups, forums and mentoring. 

Break the Cycle

If something isn’t working, change it or find a different way.

Act As If You’re Already There

Think and act like the person you envision yourself as being ‘someday.’ That ‘someday’ is now. 

Neuro-program Your Subconscious

Reword every single negative thought into a powerful, positive one as soon as you catch that negative thinking.

Most Importantly:

Never give up, never give in and always, always pull from within. 

By doing these every single day, your big goal…your dream life…won’t fade away. This is how you hang on to it. Your goal is YOURS. Don’t allow anyone or anything snatch it away from you. 

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