Resisting Average Through Relentless Consistency & Repetition

Relentless consistency & repetition are positively life-changing! This is a post written by Tommy Baker, host of The Resist Average Academy Podcast and published author. Enjoy! 

Oh, you wrote down your vision and affirmed what you want to experience in life once?

That’s cute.

One of the reasons why people will try powerful practices like journaling, vision boards, gratitude, and affirmations — then give up, is simple:

They have little intention behind it and aren’t willing to put in thousands of reps.

Like anything else in life — you’ll be rewarded with consistency and practicing every single day.

Over and over and over again.

Recently, I found a stack of old notebooks from 2, 3 and 4 years ago — and they blew me away with my intensity and vividness of affirming my daily vision.

There is no mistake the countless reps I’ve accumulated and the thousands of notebook sheets have created incredible results for me.

They’ve shifted my awareness, my possibility and the intensity of how I use my imagination to make dreams real.

But it took time, intensity and endurance over the long haul.

So many people who consume self-help, personal development, and entrepreneurship content aren’t willing to do the work.

The moment these practices don’t inject their bank account with millions or save them from their soul-sucking job on their timeline…

They quit and say it’s all some type of scam.


Consistency & Repetition Help You Resist Average

So if you’re going to start a practice — make sure to go all in and do it every single day.

Each time you write down your vision, you’re giving the universe some context in terms of what you want.

Remember — it wants specifics and if you’re not crystal clear and committed to what you want…

How can it ever give it to you?

Clarity isn’t a destination — it’s a process.
Purpose isn’t a destination — it’s a process.
Your vision isn’t a destination — it’s a process.

Tommy Baker, Resist Average, Diversimom, vision, goalsThese practices are only as powerful as your intention and commitment behind them.

In a quick fix world, most simply won’t do the simple shit that has the biggest impact to transform every part of their life.

Every Sunday, identify one practice you’re going to either deepen your commitment to or start as we enter a brand new week.

Go all in, and watch what happens. If you’d like to fall in love with the aforementioned process and achieve your wildest dreams, check out my book, The 1% Rule on Amazon now. 

Resist Average,





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