Using Competitors to Find Audience & Product Ideas Through Cyber Espionage

In the previous article, you discovered why every business should conduct Cyber Espionage. This article helps you understand exactly who your competitors and audience are and how to find product ideas from them. 

Finding WHO Your Audience Is

The best way to find a unique audience for you is through your competitors. This tells you who your audience is.

Type in your best keyword in Google. Next, write down at least 5 to 10 sites that pop up. For now, focus on the organic ones, not the paid ads.

QUICK TIP: Keep in mind, if no paid ads are coming up on the search word you used, your main keyword doesn’t contain ad-friendly words . Make sure some of your keywords do have paid ads in the top of the search engine for when you get into marketing your products.

 Check them out and rank them in order of competition.

Go to Semrush. Semrush allows 10 free searches per day. 

COMPETITORS: From Dashboard, click Domain Analytics. In the dropdown click Organic Research. Then, click “Competitors. Next, type in your strongest competitor. If you find different ones than your Google search, compare and choose the closest related ones to your business. For now, you only need two or three in order to find your audience.

Go to these sites and look at what they’re about, what products they sell and what topics they’re discussing on their sites. This is what YOUR audience is interested in. More importantly, it’s what they’re in need of and what they’re purchasing. 

Finding Product Ideas From Competitors

KEYWORDS: From the dashboard, type in the domain, keyword or URL, type in your strongest keyword. When a new screen appears, look on the left to make sure you’re in “Keyword Analytics – Overview.” Looking at keywords gives you ideas on what you can use for similar products and services. It can also give you an idea on whether your product falls in a trending market or a declining one.

Here’s an example: I typed in “goal setting” and this is what I found: 




First of all, it indicates that goal setting is a steadily trending phrase. The information on this page is pure gold. Here are just a few of the things it tells you: 

  • It provides different keyword phrases that you can use in marketing.
  • Farther down on the left, are a ton of links related to goal setting. Consequently, this shows what type of information is being disseminated in regards to goal setting. As such, you have relevant topics for your audience.
  • It shows who is writing about goal setting. Go to these sites and look at their blogs for more trending topics and look at their products to give you ideas for product development and/or improvement.
  • Link to some of these articles, or even quote them in your own. If you’re really great with words, find a way to take these articles and directly apply their contents to YOUR products. 

Record Your Findings

Save this information and link to some of these articles; You can include in your articles, “As so and so says….” or, if you’re really great with words, you will be able to take these articles and apply DIRECT quotes pertaining to your products. This information is also a future indicator of possible joint ventures, or even target audience extension.

You even have instant inspiration for headlines, sub-heads, and social media marketing titles in the Ad-Copy section. 

Take Action!

Conducting Cyber Espionage regularly on your competitors is the most valuable tool your business has. It enables you to remain informed on who and what your potential buyers want and need. However, most importantly, it is where you’re going to find product ideas. Neurogoals, a training designed specifically for product development walks you through the Cyber Espionage process and helps you find, and design products for every aspect of your funnel. 

Sign up through the link below or in the sidebar to access The Cyber Espionage Tracking Sheet. It helps you organize and analyze the information you collect while conducting your Cyber Espionage. It’s free for download. If you have any questions, free help is provided on the Diversimom Facebook page. 

That’s it for now. In the meantime, never give up, never give in and pull from within! 

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