Using Stellar Ad Copy to Generate Excitement for Your Launch

Using stellar ad copy in pre-launch content is paramount. Launching a new product isn’t just about selling. It’s about pulling people in and getting them interested. Instead of going for the hard sell, one of the best ways to get people to buy is instead to give them great content.

This isn’t just any type of content, however. It’s very specific. It’s entire purpose should be aimed at generating excitement for your product. In the content, you need to explain the problem in language the reader resonates with. In addition, it must provide genuine value to the reader and leave them wanting to hear more. Give them a subtle hint that you have a solution…and then let them sit on it for a while. This isn’t a new concept. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘drip content,’ this is one of it’s main uses. 

Draw Them in Using Stellar Ad Copy

If your list ever gets the sense that you’re hard-selling them, they will likely shut themselves off to an offer. Always approach stellar ad copy, product launch, product developmentyour valued list and prospective clients with a service mindset. What can you do to help them? What are they struggling with most and how can you offer assistance? Hold fast to this mindset as you craft your stellar ad copy. 

Never approach them with a ‘salesy’ mindset. Approach them with, “What’s In It For You” language, so they’re getting something out of reading your content. Be authentic and share your struggles and your victories. What you’re doing, subtly, is selling them on the benefits you know your product has without being pushy.  When you approach your audience with humility and compassion because you’ve been where they’re at, you build rapport and trust with them. They connect with you because they can relate. 

Ways to incorporate stellar ad copy in emails can be through telling true stories of your own experiences, evoking genuine emotion that you once felt too, and by proving your product delivers the benefits you’ll be speaking of in future emails. Creating stellar ad copy for your product isn’t a quick and easy process. It takes time, empathy and authenticity to be able to touch your clients in a manner that will open their hearts…and eventually their wallets to you.

Believe it or not, you can send half a dozen sales emails to your list and have your readership be even more interested in reading your emails, rather than less. Just keep in mind, it’s about them, not about you. 

Provide Value While Explaining the Problem

Explaining the problem is one of the most important parts of the sales process. Unless someone gets emotionally connected to the problem, they probably aren’t going to buy.

How can you explain the problem to them, without losing their attention? You tell them things they don’t already know. You re the expert, and you’ve also studied your audience through Cyber Espionage, so you should know what your prospective buyers need, even when they don’t. 

Let’s look a specific example to see how this works. The market we’ll use for this example is “How to save for retirement.”

The goal here is to write a series of content-rich articles or emails that people will actually get something useful out of, and that still whets their appetite for solving a specific problem.

 Market Example: How to Save for Retirement

Product launching in a month: “How and Where to Invest Your 401K”

Email 1: Why Most People Earn Less Than 7% on Their 401K Fund
Email 2: Why Just 3% of 401K Plans Beat the Market
Email 3: Is Your 401K Plan Secure? (Hint: Most 401Ks Lost 30% in the 2008 Crash)

And so on.

In each of these emails, you can detail some of the reasons why people don’t get the best returns on the 401Ks. You’ll talk about people who select the right funds to invest in and get abnormally high returns, as well as people whose funds were immune to various stock market crashes. Within each email, you also want to craft stellar ad copy that clearly explains one of the benefits of your product. At the same time, you end your email with them wanting to hear more. 

What’s Next? 

Video creation. You’ll need to incorporate video into your marketing efforts, and possibly in your products as well. Join the FREE Facebook community Video Vibes for tips, tricks and hacks on all things video marketing. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this article please share. And remember: never give up, never give in, and pull from within! 

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