Psst! Remember Me…Your New Year’s Resolutions? I’m Still Here

Happy Almost Second Quarter! How are your resolutions coming? So you’re almost a quarter of the way into the New Year. Take a look at all those goals and resolutions you envisioned.  Evaluate your first quarter. Chances are, one of three things is happening:

  1. You simply never got started. 
  2. You’re running out of steam.
  3. You’ve met them all.

Not getting started is common. Despite the excitement and hype of ‘New Year, New You’ that infiltrates social media, the chaos of the normal routine probably set in. Most likely, before you even had a shot at regrouping and tackling your resolutions, it was easier to just slip back into what you know.

This is because you lacked clarity and direction. Clarity and direction come through goal setting and strategizing. This is the part of new year’s resolutions that always falls by the wayside.  The goals you initially set now seem too difficult to know where to start. Simply put, you are busy and distracted by the daily tasks in your life. Don’t worry…there is a resolution. Read on.

Willpower Will Only Get You So Far

The other common element to resolution failure is burn out. When you set your goals at the beginning of a new year, you’re adamant about attaining them. You tell yourself things like, “No matter what, I will do this.” This is a conscious decision made from willpower. But what happens when willpower is challenged day after day? You gradually run out of steam and become burned out. For example, have you ever noticed the level of activity in gyms the first week of January? Go to any gym and you will see it packed. In fact, January 1st and 2nd are two of the busiest days in gym attendance. Weight loss groups, dating sites, financial planners, career advisors, and support groups are all inundated with clients at the beginning of January. But then it levels out.

You want to get in shape, lose weight, meet someone, get a better job, level up in business, save money, quit smoking, quit drinking etc. So you make these resolutions and you mean it with all your heart. Then, when the results you desire don’t come as fast as your initial enthusiasm, they begin to fade. You’re so used to society’s instant gratification state of mind that if you don’t receive it, you become frustrated.  

This is because all of your resolutions were set within the conscious mind. This is a good start, but in order to follow through, you need your mind, body and spirit to all be on the same page. You have to embed these resolutions into your subconscious mind so that when willpower fades, you don’t burn out. 

Uploading Resolutions to the Subconscious

It’s just like when you press upload on a computer. The information instantly uploads to wherever you’re putting it and it remains there safe, untouched, unharmed. There’s a method for doing this called The RTA Method. The right thought, at the right time, with the right action. 


With every single resolution you set, you need to establish an inner core belief that attaches to that specific resolution. Otherwise, your subconscious will attach a limiting belief to it. Every single thought you have has some sort of belief attached to it. Your resolutions are new thoughts so they don’t have one yet. If you don’t attach a belief with this thought AKA resolution, the subconscious, who is programmed to keep things normal, will attach a limiting belief. This is your block, and it’s why you’re constantly sabotage yourself. 


Once you attach this belief to your resolution, you need to cling to it. Most likely, after setting resolutions, you repeat those resolutions in your head over and over for a while. This isn’t enough. You want to repeat, remind and literally cling to the belief you established to the resolution, instead of the resolution itself. Carry the belief with you so it’s incubating in the back of your mind all the time. Then, when the time comes to act upon, or put your resolution into action, the belief is already there.


Thus far, you’ve only done the mindset work. You won’t actually achieve it unless you take action. The size of the action is irrelevant. The most important part is that you take some tiny action every single day. All the while, remember, you’re priming your subconscious with the belief that you’ve already attained this resolution. The action is the proof, or the habit or the steps that are necessary to get there. 

The Resolution For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Think about the change in your pocket. Before going to sleep at night, you take the change out of your pocket and place it in a certain spot or container. Before long, it becomes a pile of nickels and dimes amounting to several dollars. If you want to produce real change, begin with little tiny Neurogoals. This system has been tested and has proven results. You CAN attain your resolutions. It’s not too late. Get into action today with small bite size activities consistently and before you know it, you’ll be going to the bank at the end of 2018 with a sizable deposit of results.

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