The Connection Between Creative Marketers & Nightmares

Recently, I had one of the most vivid nightmares I’ve had in quite some time.

Upon completing the usual morning routine and settling into work, something was off. There was some…feeling sort of lingering, but I couldn’t quite comprehend the root cause. It was like butterflies in my stomach, but without anything triggering them. It was just a normal, quiet morning. Half the day passed before I suddenly remembered my nightmare and realized that the feeling it gave me was still with me. 

I’m Falling & I Can’t Get Up! 

It wasn’t so much the details that I recalled, but the feeling it left. It felt very real, Marketing, Nightmares, fallingand very uncomfortable. In my dream, I was falling. I could actually feel butterflies in my stomach. You know, that tickle in your stomach that comes when you’re descending on a roller coaster ride, or when you take a hill super fast. I felt that in my dream. I’m not sure, but I think I was in a car and the car went off the edge of a cliff, but I don’t remember going off the edge.

I just remember being in mid-air. Maybe it was a roller coaster ride? I know I was sitting upright though, not supine, or upside down. The other interesting thing is that the falling felt almost good…exciting. The eminent thought in my head was, “Is this a fun ride or is this it? But I’m not done yet…” 

Have you ever googled what it means when you dream that you’re falling? Well, DON’T! There’s actually quite a bit of information on it. I dove into all of it. The more I read, the more alarmed and more terrified I became. Assumptions went from ‘I’m going to die soon,’ to ‘Oh my gosh, something bad is going to happen,’ to ‘My falling dream doesn’t fit any of these.’  For those of you who know me, you know that the words, “You’re not done yet,” are the words that I proclaim to have been the inspiration for Diversimom. Only now, after this dream, those words were, “BUT…I’m not done yet.” It was alarming and confusing to say the least. I kept researching.

Nightmares Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Nightmares are mostly associated as a bad thing. They scare us…leave us with that lingering icky feeling of fear, terror or sadness. In addition, it seems as if the nightmares are always the most vivid. We may have good dreams, but often times, we can’t remember them as well. Dream expert, Dr. Jim Pagel says this is because nightmares occur during the latter stage of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is the time closest to waking consciousness. Because of this, neurons are very active. As a result, brainwaves reach a higher frequency making the mind more active and receptive, therefore making them much easier to recall during waking hours.  

This information explained why I seemed to remember the dream and the feeling it left so vividly. However, I still had no definite interpretation of it for my personal life application. 

Nightmares Help Find Solutions

Dr. Pagel also states that more than 70% of adults have nightmares at least once a month. He suggests that they serve as part of a processing system to stressful life events and that sometimes, the nightmares can help you work through difficulties and find solutions or ideas. Even if nightmares are frightening, they can also be inspiring.

Interesting Facts:  Stephen King was inspired to write the famous book called Misery  after taking a nap on a flight to England. He had a nightmare about a well known writer who was held captive by an unstable fan. 

Famous artist Salvador Dali, who painted Geopoliticus, was also inspired by a nightmare. He immediately awoke nightmares, creative marketing, online marketingfrom the experience and began transferring his dream onto canvas. 

Dr. Pagel says, “People who experience vivid and frequent nightmares tend to be more creative individuals with ‘loose borders,’ meaning they are more imaginative.” 

While researching, these are only two examples that were found. Undoubtedly there are countless other examples of how a nightmare inspired someone to achieve something great. It’s all about perception. Perceiving negative things programs the  subconscious to produce it. Being creative and perceiving positive things, even a nightmare, programs the subconscious for success. 

Nightmares Are a GOOD Thing!

Thankfully, according to an official dream expert, my nightmare about falling in mid-air could possibly be a good thing. I started relating the falling to my business. At this point, my brain had a choice. I could either look at it as something bad, or get creative and interpret it as something good.

I related falling as the lack of consistent income and the butterflies in my stomach while descending in mid-air as the excitement of making money flow more consistently. Then, I let it incubate.  

The next day, mid-morning, I sat down and put together a marketing plan to solidify a more consistent monthly income. It will take a few months in order to see if it’s consistent, however, the point is that having ‘loose borders’ as Dr. Pagel put it, opens up the creative part of the brain and brings inspiration, even from nightmares. 

How we think, how we perceive and how we react to every single life situation either programs the subconscious in a negative way, or a positive way. As online marketers, it is imperative to think creatively and find ways to grow in business. It’s a habit that can be developed. For tips, hacks and the latest breakthroughs in programming your subconscious for success, sign up below or in the sidebar. If you enjoyed this article, please take a moment and share it.

In the meantime, never give up, never give in & pull from within! 

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