Exactly How to Attract Something You Really Want

It is believed that The Law of Attraction will show you how to attract something you really want. It’s made to sound as if wealth and abundance will flow right to you. This is actually true. However, what is rarely spoken of, is the internal work you must do in order to become this success magnet. It’s a step by step process that you have to complete and follow in order to arrive at this magnetic place.

How to Attract Something You Really Want

Deliberate attraction takes effort and for many, the ‘allowing’ part of the process is what stagnates many people. It’s a five step process that enables you to leverage the Law of Attraction so you can attract what you DO want. The three steps are simply:

  1. Clarity:  Become very clear on what you DO want.
  2. Crush Limiting Beliefs:  By removing doubts and fears, you’ll raise your internal vibration so your brain, heart and energy are balanced. In turn, you’ll be a vibrational match for your desires.
  3. Visualize: See, hear, taste, smell, and most of all, BELIEVE in yourself. 
  4.  Happiness: Don’t wait for it. Find it exactly where you’re at right now. 
  5.   Attract What You Want By Letting Go

Letting Go Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

The fifth step, by no means, suggests that you forget about your desires. Ultimately, you’re supposed to be visualizing the end how to attract something you really want, law of attraction, desire, LOAresult constantly. You can’t do this if you forget about it. Have you ever heard people say, “Put it out to the Universe,” or “What you put out to the Universe is what you get back,” or “Let go and let God?” This is what they’re talking about. 

Most people, especially those whom are familiar with LOA, are able to accomplish the first four steps successfully. However, when it comes to letting go, they seem to trip up. Letting go does NOT mean that you give up. Nor does it mean that you spend your energy ‘wanting’ it. What it means is that you do the groundwork, which are the first four steps. Then, you simply put it out there BELIEVING that you’ll receive it. Then, you continue taking action every single day. Because you’ve rid your subconscious of doubts and fears, it is clear to instantly take the actions necessary that move you toward your desires. 

So you don’t continue sitting just waiting and wanting. Having happiness where you’re at right now, you simply go about your daily routine, chipping away at your Neurogoals. In other words, your desire is still there. More importantly, your belief that you’ll attain that desire is there. However, you put it out there and release the pain and yearning of not having it, trusting that if you keep going, it will eventually come. 

Seeing is Believing & Believing is Seeing!

As time goes on,  your thoughts alter your reality to align with your beliefs. When you think about something intently (like your brand new car, that you see on the road all the time now… or how great your day is going) you create a reality that contains the items you were thinking about.

Believing in your desires, and aligning your thought patterns with those desires clearly demonstrates the absolute power you hold within. Without even having to do anything, you can see daily evidence of the Law of Attraction. Seeing this evidence will give you more faith in your ability to create your reality through managing your thoughts.

Real Life Examples

  • Thinking about someone and all of a sudden they call or you run into them.
  • Hearing a new phrase and then hearing it all over the Internet, TV and the radio.
  • Buying a new car you haven’t seen much and suddenly seeing tons of them on the road.
  • Talking about someone and then they pop up.
  • That bazaar feeling when you have a tune or a jingle in your mind and a while later, you hear it on TV, radio or Internet.
  • A group of close friends all having babies at the same time.
  • Seeing certain number sequences all over such as $3.33 or 3:33 pm. 
  • Amazing days where everything just falls into place like clockwork.
  • Things that ‘always’ happen: Whenever you go on a road trip, you ‘always’ have car trouble.
  •  Whenever you go live on Facebook, you gain a new client.
  • That relative who’s always blaming others for troubles, and ‘always’ broke. 
  • Your colleague who has success at absolutely everything they try. 
  • Things that ‘never’ happen to you: Winning a raffle or sweepstakes.

The Law of Attraction works whether you plant your subconscious with positive or negative thoughts. If you follow the aforementioned and clear it of your doubt sand fears, you will absolutely manifest your desires. When you put them out there, it allows the LOA to bring back to you your exact desire in its own time, place and manner. 

Is there something you are not allowing through trying to make it happen or by wanting it a certain way or at a certain time? Let it go. Believe that the Law of Attraction WILL bring it to you in the perfect time and the perfect way. Believe it, because when you truly believe, you’re able to let it go. And when you let it go…it comes back to you. This is the Law of Attraction…and this is how you attract something you really want. 

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