Being Pragmatic Can Work But Who Wants to Grind Daily for Money?

Here’s the ideal picture of the type of business you dream about. Continuous growth, easy money flow and most definitely, no daily grind where you wind up mentally exhausted with little to no progress at day’s end. Is this even possible? Absolutely. Making money online really doesn’t have to feel like a constant grind. This is how many successful entrepreneurs operate. When your internal electrical impulses (AKA energy or subconscious) are aligned with your brain and your heart, things just sort of magically come together and seamlessly flow. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘high vibration,’ but it doesn’t seem to permeate your realm of understanding, this article should help.

It’s Not Woo Woo, It’s Energy

Have you ever prayed, or meditated specifically for something in your business and it manifests? That feeling is magical isn’t it? So when this happens, do you truly acknowledge the presence of the divine? Or do you quickly dismiss the connection and chalk it up to mere coincidence? The more you recognize and acknowledge your ultimate Source of power…grace…strength…light, the more you’ll be able to manifest money and abundance in your business.

 Marketing Money Magic

Who is your Source? Do you truly know how to draw everything you need from it? More importantly, do you feel connected with your Source? It literally hurts my heart when pragmatism wins over the miraculous or the mystical. There is so much more at work beyond our conscious realm and it’s powerful…energizing…magical. In addition, it can be a huge advantage in the online business world. The question is, are you connected to this spiritual realm? Because if you’re not, you are missing out on the most powerful tool you could utilize in your marketing efforts. You really, truly can manifest money. 

I truly believe that strength and optimism combined with hard work are highly beneficial in marketing. However, I also believemoney, daily grind, online business, intuitive, spirituality there’s something very powerful that cannot be seen. It isn’t tangible. It’s a feeling that comes from a particular type of energy. This energy is connected to your subconscious, your brain and your heart and it operates at a very high vibration. When you reach a high vibration, money will flow. This makes it powerful…magical…spiritual. Choose the term you’re most comfortable with. All races, religions and cultures can experience it. But you have to not only want it, but be open enough to connect to it. 


How to Reach That High Vibration

I’ve spent many years feeling this energy and at first, I suppressed it. I believed that since I was an adult I had to remain in reality. And my ‘reality’ was only what I could see or prove with scientific fact. I had to really work through my money blocks that told my subconscious I’m not worthy of making money. Letting those learned and hard-work principles go to engage in a relationship with the divine has been one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. So why face it? Why not stick with the old ways?

Simply put, when I finally began listening to my internal electrical impulses and combined them with my business knowledge I experienced the most amazing shift…in life and in making money. I have a gift and that gift is that I am highly in tune with energy. This doesn’t make me psychic, or a witch or evil in any way. It makes me who I am. So why not use it to help others? Why not STOP resisting and just let it be? I’m guided by my Lord and Savior. That’s my Source. When I stopped fighting that, my life changed drastically. 

You can tap into yours too, and when you do, your brain, your heart and your spirit…energy…subconscious…soul…whatever you want to call it…they will all balance and money will flow. Ideas and opportunities will appear. It’s like magic, but it’s really energy aligning because of your faith.

1)  Stop Fighting!

First and foremost, I was able to forgive myself for stupid decisions, and forgive others too. I became far more aware of my subconscious programming, my bodily reactions, my triggers, my strengths and my weaknesses. Did you even know that you can use your weaknesses to your advantage? You can make money from both strengths and weaknesses. It’s all about being balanced. The brain, the heart and that internal energy that comes from whomever your Source is. 

It takes far more energy denying and suppressing who you really are than it does to just let it be. So stop resisting and listen to the external and internal forces of energy around you. Embrace your weaknesses and figure out how to use them in your business. Gradually, you’ll begin to find that balance, where you’re connected to your God (or source). 

All you have to do to stop fighting is to be open. Open your heart and mind.

2)  Shhhhh…Be Very, Very Quiet

In order to balance the brain, the heart and your internal energy, you have to go within. As creepy as it sounds, it’s actually addicting because it’s powerful. I’m talking about meditation/prayer. Spend time visualizing your goals and intentions. Feel them, taste them, smell them. Then, feed your subconscious with the positive statements it needs to take action and bring them to fruition. Then…just sit in it for a few minutes at least once a day. Let your Source fill you with everything you need to go after the life you want. 

3)  Faith: In God (or Source) & In YOU

There was a time when in spite of all my marketing and business focused activities, all I received in return were crickets. Frustration and fatigue set in. Then, I remembered when I was gravely ill. It lasted for a long time. Until one day, I flat decided I would go into remission. I did, thirty days later. I manifested my health and began putting my life back together. 

I dug from very deep within and discovered that I have tremendous faith…in my God and in myself. So why not help others do that too?

4)  Action

After going deep again and aligning my brain, my heart and my energy with my business goals, my business shifted. The right connections appeared. Opportunities literally came to my inbox. Lessons, even the ones that stung, became fuel to press on. Failure didn’t mean devastation anymore. It meant being one step closer to my goals. 

This has pushed me deeper into a relationship with the mystical, the metaphysical, the spiritual – so many words to describe the same thing – and practicing a new way of being in this world. It is much simpler, much more organic, much more peaceful, and in many respects, very easy. Well, easy when I get out of my way.

5) Flow

There have been times when I’ve been in a complete and utter panic over what was not materializing. I’d come close to reverting to an old pattern and headaches would show up and more resistance in mind, body, and spirit. Within 24-48 hours, I’d back off from my worries, unable to give-in and give up the dream. I’d trust and just as suddenly, abundance again made itself known.

When clarity becomes foggy, when obstacles trigger doubt…dig deep and connect with your Power Source. Balance your energy, your brain and your heart and place laser focus right back onto your business. This is where the magic happens. Reach inside and take it.

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