Marketing Campaigns That Stand Out in the Sea of Monotony

Marketing Campaigns must have an idea behind what you’re saying in its headline(s). This idea has to cut through the noise and make your message truly stand out, grab attention, engage prospective clients and draw curiosity. It’s the advertisement/hook for your campaign. The underlying idea.  

EXAMPLE:  2 booksmarketing campaigns, digital marketing, solopreneurs

How to Outsource

The 4 Hour Work Week

Both on outsourcing.

One became multi-million dollar idea.

One did not. 

Avoiding Mental Opt-Out  

In today’s market, it’s imperative that you avoid looking and feeling exactly like what your prospects are seeing over and over.  The marketing campaigns that all look and sound alike so your prospective clients are saying, “Oh, another one of those…Yeah, I saw a YouTube video on that…I read a book on that and it didn’t help…Oh, not that again.” You get the idea. They’re mentally opting out of engaging with your brand, your campaign or your products so they bounce off your site and go back into the Sea of Monotonous Campaigns. 

Categorical Imperative

Mentally opting out is related to how these prospects categorize your content. The Categorical Imperative is a philosophical way of evaluating motivations for actions. On the subconscious level, people look for ways to categorize information. So when they see information and assume it’s the same as what they’ve already seen, they automatically place it into the same mental category. So it doesn’t stand out in any way, shape or form. It’s just lumped in with all the other digital products and offers they’ve seen recently. Thus, one more reason you want your marketing campaigns to always stand out. 

Stand Out with Your ‘Hook’ 

Remember the ‘hook’ that was mentioned in the beginning of this article? That ‘hook’ is what makes marketing campaigns stand out and overcome the aforementioned Categorical Imperative. This is because your ‘hook’ will serve as a pattern interrupt. Prospects see and/or hear something they weren’t anticipating, therefore they’re unable to instantly categorize it. So your product or offer won’t trigger feelings of skepticism or reluctance because it’s presented out of the pre-defined subconscious categories other campaigns have been placed in. Now…finally…your marketing campaign is doing exactly what it’s supposed to: allowing you to stand out in a sea of monotony. 

Being Different is Cool!

In many life circumstances, standing out and being different isn’t cool. In fact, it can be stressful and depressing. However, in the case of your business today, bringing ‘different’ to the campaign is crucial. You want to stick out like a sore thumb, grab attention, use a different message, come from a different angle and most especially, you want your marketing campaigns to be different ideas. 

Being better, having more money, more education doesn’t always get more attention. Better and more doesn’t necessarily stand out. But different does. Differentiate your marketing campaigns from the competition with that ‘hook’ so prospects are left wanting to know more. Now, let’s talk about how to do that. 

Using the Power of ONE in Marketing Campaigns 

 1.  One Main Promise

  Focus on the one main benefit that solves a serious pain point for your target audience.

2.  Specific/Authentic Promise

 What you promise, be very specific. Generalities don’t sell and tend to raise red flags. More specific, detailed promises that target customer pain points will generate more attention. 

3.  One Storyline

The story starts with the ‘hook’ behind your campaign and is developed throughout the campaign until the end of your promotion. Marketers sometimes tell too many stories over the course of a campaign. Stick to ONE story, with ONE big benefit or promise. 

4.  One Conclusion

Lead your audience to one conclusion, thought or belief you want them to walk away with. JUST one. Then, base this idea around the WHY and the HOW they can achieve the result they’re looking for. (This is where one-minute engagement and conversion videos come into play.) 

5.  One Emotion

Good copywriters likely stir up several emotions throughout their ad campaigns, but you really want to pick one primary emotion and really focus on stirring it up. It can be fear, envy, a sense of belonging, triumph…or any other emotion. However, you want it to match your ‘hook.’ In other words, you want it to be the one emotion your campaign ‘hook’ is leveraging. What’s the one feeling you want to stir up in your target audience when they come across your marketing campaign? Take this one emotion and really tap into it throughout your campaign. 

6. Unique & Trending

Your ‘hook’ or main idea has to be unique in order to stand out. Most importantly, it can’t be what your competitors are doing and/or saying. Even if your products and services mirror your competitors’, it doesn’t matter! Your main campaign idea absolutely must be new and fresh. 

7.  The Right Time

Absolutely everything in business always comes back to having the right thoughts, at the right time, with the right actions. Your marketing campaigns are no different. Timing has to be relevant.  It can’t be about something in the past, because that’s too dated or old. Make it about right now. What’s trending now. 

8.  Attention Grabbing

You want to wake prospects up from the monotony of complacency. Tap into their endorphins and get them excited about something relevant to them and their lives. The bigger the better. Remember, they’re swimming in a sea of repetitive, boring ad campaigns all promising the same results…in the same boring format. Shake them loose. Don’t be afraid to be bold and outrageous. 

9.  Magnetic Appeal

Your ‘hook’ must be able to be understood immediately so that it has instant appeal. It can’t be something that is philosophical or requires a lot of contemplation. If your audience is having to view your entire campaign in order to understand your main idea, then you haven’t formed your hook correctly. 

The brain is wired to trust very basic, simple concepts. The easier something is to comprehend, the more likely it is to be trusted. Complicated, detailed concepts cause confusion, which decreases engagement. So keep your ideas simple and quick to digest. 

10. The Power of ONE

You may have noticed the emphasis on the word: ONE. The most powerful marketing campaigns usually contain ONE single, engaging idea. Not several ideas and concepts. Just ONE.

Narrow your focus to ONE idea, ONE emotion, ONE promise, ONE story, and ONE thing that you want your target audience to think. Then, on top of all this, the entire concept needs to be centered around ONE primary promise. 

 That’s the Power Of One.

All it took for many successful entrepreneurs to attain abundance and success was ONE successful marketing campaign. Implement the Power of One into your marketing campaigns today and forever stand out in the Sea of Monotony. 

In the meantime, share this article and never give up, never give in, and always pull from within! 



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