How Overcoming Obstacles Enables You to Be a Success Every Single Day

overcoming obstacles


Are you excellent at overcoming obstacles? Ask yourself this question: 

Who or what is that power that  aids YOU in overcoming obstacles that life throws at you on a daily basis?

Is it a person?  An ideal?  A belief?   Who, or whatever that power is that helps you in overcoming obstacles TAP INTO IT…let it move you beyond the point of feeling overwhelmed…stuck…stressed.

This post is based upon a very inspiring song that I listen to repeatedly.

It reminds me exactly WHY successful people are Over-comers…and YOU can be one too! 

“Staring at a stop sign, watching people drive by, TMac on the radio.  Got so much on your mind, nothing’s really going right, looking for a ray of hope.” 

When my girls were younger, I’d usually walk them to the corner for school.  The city police officer  would cross them.

They’d continue around the corner to school and I’d usually stand there and visit with her for a few minutes.  When she would cross another group of kids, I’d stand there and stare at the stop sign. 

I would literally cringe at the countless cars that blasted by, never slowing down despite her big red sign she’d wave frantically back and forth. 

Just when I’d become really disgusted with the countless waves of rushing cars, a car would slow down and stop and allow her to cross the kids.  Sometimes I could tell that the driver was in a hurry…but they still stopped.

It was a tiny ray of hope that not all humankind is self-centered and self-serving.  I always waited for that one car to stop before I left. 

It was as if I stood there each morning just waiting for that ray of hope.  I didn’t leave until I got it. 

My question is, why wait for hope?  Why can’t we FIND it on our own, tap into it and be great?  Probably because we’ve never considered that it’s possible.   

What Are You Waiting For?

In reality, overcoming obstacles is what successful people do automatically.  Over time, whether consciously or not, they’ve disciplined their minds to combat obstacles…never give up…and FIND whatever motivation they can to move them to the next level.

 “Whatever it is you may be going through, I know (insert your power source)  is not gonna let it get the best of you…You’re an over-comer…

Stay in the fight until the final round.  You’re not going under, ‘cuz’ (insert your power source) is holding you right now.”

  As their success grows, so does their innate ability to remain focused and motivated, regardless of obstacles.  It’s not so much a matter of having a particular Faith.

 Successful people program their minds to go after their aspirations. One day, their motivation could be a promotion, the next, a child, and the next, something else. 

But there’s always some source of power in the subconscious mind catapulting them toward success. 

When Poop Hits the Fan

For successful people, each day holds a pivotal moment.  This is the moment when their subconscious is challenged with an obstacle.  In this moment, they consciously CHOOSE to pinpoint some sort of motivating factor that keeps them focused. 

You might be down for a moment. ..feeling like it’s hopeless…that’s when (insert your power) reminds you that you’re an over-comer.

You too, can develop this subconscious habit where your mind instantaneously turns to your personal motivation.  All you have to do is hang on to it.  Cling to it! 

“Just take a breath, hold tight don’t forget, hang on to (your source’s) promises…”

So take a few minutes when you start a new day and decide who or what your motivation will be.  Then, take it with you wherever you go and USE it to make today a raging success. 


“Don’t quit, don’t give in, you’re an over-comer.”

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You’re never alone, and the power of YOUR mind can always pull you through.  I’ll show you how. 

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