Providing Enormous Value & Building Trust on Social Media

providing enormous value, building trust, video vibes, facebook, digitalmarketingFrom Day One in the online world, it’s been all about providing enormous value and building trust. While this is absolutely true, it’s also frustrating for many struggling marketers. Yet the trend remains absolute. How does an online marketer find the balance between providing value (for free) and sustaining and building their online business? 

Providing too much free stuff will stagnate your income. However, not providing enough can easily stagnate your growth, visibility and chances of building trust within your expertise. It almost seems as if it’s a lose-lose situation. You will lose, if you don’t find the balance. However, once you find it, your momentum builds and you begin to make progress. 

But How????

You must get out of the mindset that you have nothing to offer, or that you can’t help others because you’re new, or not as successful as others in your niche. Everyone has some skill or knowledge that can help someone else on the planet.  Pick your brain. Write down everything you’re good at. Then, translate it to the online world. Simply tweak it to fit in with your niche and begin demonstrating it to your target audience. 

Providing Enormous Value

Have you ever heard the saying, “Give and you shall receive?” This doesn’t mean to give your right arm. What it means, is that what you put out there, you will get back. This is so paramount for marketers who are trying to build their brand. When you freely give something to someone who really needs it, you’re demonstrating your ability. It’s a message that you know what you’re doing and that you care about helping someone. The focus is on helping, not on making a buck.  For every person you help, in their eyes, you’re the expert on that particular topic. The more people you help with this, the more you begin to be recognized as the ‘go-to’ person on this topic. 

Building Trust

Trust involves knowing you can go to someone and they’ll be there without judgment, or dollar signs in their eyes. You WANT people to come to you for help, right? What are the chances they’ll come to you if you’ve previously helped them? Your trend of providing enormous value, specifically on one topic has established that trust. If you remain consistent in providing this value, you will slowly not only build your brand, but you’ll establish trust and loyalty in some people. These are the types of customers you want. They will look to you in the future for guidance on similar issues related to whatever you provided. Pick your ‘enormous value’ freebie carefully. Be sure that it relates to your niche, but doesn’t take away your income potential.

Find Your Sweet Spot 

Here is my example of providing enormous value. As online entrepreneurs, we all need a means of making, editing and posting videos. They’re used in training modules, on lead pages, home pages and all over on social media. However sometimes, they cost a lot of money to outsource. I never could afford it. So I learned to do them on my own. After doing this for almost two years, I realized I could show people how to make videos for free, without compromising my actual paid products and services. 

Need More Help…For Free?

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Meanwhile, never give up, never give in and pull from within! 

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