The Three Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, the Green Eyed Monster is Stealing Your Cash Flow!

There are three deadly sins of entrepreneurs that stand in the way of making money:




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Grudging Admiration

You market, Tweet, post awesome Facebook images. You put yourself out there and have little to show for your efforts. Pretty soon you discover a contact who suddenly starts attaining success. You work just as hard as they do, so it’s not fair. Everywhere you go online, there they are. The Green Eyed Monster lurks within your subconscious. You submit a bid for a job and hear crickets. Then you discover this adversarial entrepreneur is being chosen for the very jobs you’ve been applying for. You frequent the same groups so one day you follow up on a thread that you posted a few days earlier, only to find that this person commented after you and completely blew yours out of the water.

The Intentional Snub

You used to talk to, encourage and help out a specific fellow entrepreneur. Then they began gaining recognition, landing jobs that you wanted, and gaining followers you feel you deserve. So now, instead of talking to them, you ignore them. It’s not anything blatant, so that makes it okay, right? You simply just stop ‘liking’ their Facebook posts, or commenting on questions they ask in common groups. The Green Eyed Monster within you is subconsciously antagonizing your grudge and leading you to subtly ignore this person instead of being happy for them.

By reacting this way, you’re sending your subconscious a very negative message. You see, with your thoughts, a poisonous emotion is attached to them…envy, resentment, failure. So now, every single time you see that person’s name, these feelings are triggered. This means that when you’re trying work and grow your brand, you’re hit with these negative feelings. Feelings of envy, resentment and failure completely paralyze your growth. So imagine what happens when you have more than one person you feel like this about. It’s poison. You have to stop these feelings from infiltrating your subconscious.

Food For the Green Eyed Monster

It feeds off of negative core beliefs. This is misdirected frustration and anger. It’s a reminder that you’re missing something the other person has. Your subconscious automatically registers that as failure! That monster takes this and feeds your doubt, literally destroying all ambition, passion and desire.

Want Versus Have Syndrome

Did you know that you can’t really have something and want it at the same time? Think about it. When you’re so occupied at wanting something, you’re unable to focus on the measures necessary to get it. Your mind is littered with feelings of inadequacy, envy and how unfair it is that you don’t have whatever it is that you’re wanting so badly.

Envy is the direct result of negative core beliefs.

The Difference Between Envy & Jealousy

Envy:  Wanting what others have; resentment toward the success of others.

Jealousy:  refusal to share; Focused on keeping everything to yourself. When you put energy into comparing yourself to others, it leaves you feeling inferior. Thinking this way distorts your perceptions and sidetracks you from your goals. When you compare yourself to another, it automatically separates you from them. It places an imaginary barrier there. In turn, your energy diverts into trying to undermine whomever you envy. It’s not the person or people you’re fighting. It’s actually that barrier that YOU placed there. Somewhere in your past, you attached a feeling of failure to another person’s success.

Avoiding the 3 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurs & Boosting Cash Flow

You have a main goal and that includes improving your cash flow. These steps will help you avoid the most common sins of entrepreneurs and boost your cash flow:

 Identify Your Negative Core Beliefs

Feelings of envy are triggered by something deeply embedded in your past. Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s there. Dig deep and identify what negative core belief is at the root of your envy. These thoughts are what block your cash flow. It’s well worth the time to slow down and identify them. Bear in mind, everyone has negative core beliefs that crop up. The more you identify them, the better off your business will be. The aforementioned link shows you exactly how to identify even deep seeded negative core beliefs.

Reverse Your Negative Core Beliefs

You truly are what you think. This article will show you how to reverse your negative core beliefs that you identified in the aforementioned step. In doing so, your focus and productivity will skyrocket!

Make a Daily Schedule

If you do anything on a daily basis, have your schedule for the next day already planned the day before. The key is to schedule effectively so that you accomplish everything you schedule. Use time blocks and remember to include breaks and space meetings far enough apart so you’re not rushed. By the end of every single day, you should have done something that resulted in more leads, more customers or more profit. Hold yourself accountable to this.

Set Goals That Balance Your Brain and Heart

These are called ‘Neurogoals.’ Neurogoals aren’t just regular goals. They’re goals that are established based upon a purposeful positive core belief. This way, your subconscious is already programmed to attain the goal. If you just set a goal, your subconscious will attach a previously established self-limiting belief to your goal. Your brain and heart aren’t balanced. Your heart really wants this goal, but your subconscious has a deeply embedded belief that you can’t attain it.

Don’t allow the deadly sins of entrepreneurs to block your success. If you follow these steps, I promise your cash flow will increase in ways you never imagined.

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