Teens & Humiliation – the Good, the Bad & the Hilarious!

Humiliation…Will it Ever End?


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Humiliation makes your face beet red and your cheeks feel hot.  Sometimes it even makes your ears ring.  It makes you want to crawl into the nearest corner and cover your head in shame. 

It’s maddening…frustrating…heartbreaking.  It’s also a way of life for many who have teens.  The best way to trudge through it is to strap in, hang on tight and remember that it will pass.  The following excerpts are true accounts of  good,  bad and  hilarious moments from parents of teens.  Enjoy!

Scenario:  At a public event

“What the #### are you giving my mom dirty looks for! Mom, don’t let that #### give you dirty looks!”

Scenario:  Picking up teen from school early.

Students saying, “Milk patrol, milk patrol!”

Mom, “I had no idea high schoolers drank milk Hon, that’s good.”

Teen, “Mom, just shut up and put my sweatshirt on please.”

More students, “Milk patrol, milk patrol!”

Mom, “Wow what’s the fascination with milk here?”

Teen, “MOM!  They’re aren’t saying milk, they’re saying MILF!  Just cover your chest up and come on!”

Scenario:  Work

Co worker, “So I heard about your son being arrested for having pot at school.  I was telling Jan about it.  She said he’s also been in trouble for drinking.  And Sue’s husband said he saw him walking down the street with a cigarette.  MY son knows better.”

Scenario:  At the pharmacy

Store manager taps parent on the shoulder and says, “Excuse me ma’am.  Can you please have your son empty his pockets.  Our cameras caught him stuffing condoms in them.”

Scenario:  Coming home from church to find a bunch of teenagers smoking in the garage.

Parent, “What are you doing!”

Teen, “Exactly what I grew up watching YOU do Mom!”

Scenario:  Company over for dinner

Younger child, “Mom, look!  I found a balloon in Bubby’s room!  Can I keep it?”

Mom, “Um, Honey, give me that and go wash your hands right now.” (the ‘balloon’ is a used condom)

Scenario:  Driving in the car and someone cuts you off humiliation, teens, parents, kids, family, stress

Teen, reaching over, blaring the horn and flipping off the other driver.

Scenario:  Gathering at a family friend’s house

Family friend, “Some of the other kids said that your daughter stole my wife’s earrings.  They’re a family heirloom.  I’d like them back.”

Scenario:  Public sports event

Parent, “I hope you realize that everyone is staring at all of your piercings.  That’s such humiliation.”

Teen, “Well, better they stare at me than your dorky outfit.”

Scenario:  Staff meeting at work

Receptionist interrupts meeting, “Sorry to interrupt but the police are on the phone regarding your son & want to speak with you right now.”

Scenario:  Sunday paper.  There is an article on the front page with a picture of a city landmark that has graffiti on the front of it. A group of teens are responsible for it.

Neighbor says, “Hey, did you see the paper?  I’m glad that’s not your kid.”

Parent, “Yeah, well unfortunately, it is.”

Scenario:  After school sporting event

Parent:  “It’s okay, everyone messes up once in a while.”

Teen:  “I HATE you!  You’re the one who passed  these genes to me.  No wonder I can’t play good!” 

Scenario:  Explaining to teen that another relationship has ended because the other person cheated.

Teen:  “It’s okay Mom.  There’s some girls at school that go through guys even faster than you do.” 

Scenario:  At the park with the younger siblings

Sibling says to new little friend, “Hey, do you like to play sex?”

Parent:  “Where did you learn that word?”

Sibling says, “From Sissy.  She asks her friends about sex on the phone all the time.” 

Scenario:  Picking up a takeout order

Parent:  “Wow, did you see those men staring?  I’m not wearing these tight pants anymore.”

Teen:  “Mom, they weren’t staring at you.  You’re too old.” 

When Humiliation Really Gets You Down

Humiliation can be quite the everyday occurrence when raising teens. Friends, family, neighbors, co workers all judge and gossip. 

You feel like the worst parent on the planet.  In reality, those friends, family members, neighbors and co workers would undoubtedly judge and gossip about other things too.  It just happens that since you have a teen, you are prime subject matter. 

Although it seems never ending, your teen will mature…and if you’re lucky, they will stop humiliating too. 

The best ways to muddle through the embarrassing times are to remember the day your teen was born and how you felt.  Recall precious moments in their toddler years.  At that moment, did you realize that what was happening right then would be a memory that you’d cherish forever?  Probably not.

  Such is the same with teen humiliation.  You will remember it always, and someday, when you’re looking back, you will cherish, maybe even chuckle about the incident. 

At the very least, you will chuckle a lot when their children begin doing it to them!  In the meanwhile, buckle up and hang on tight. 

And remember, you are never alone!  Share this article with the parent of a teen so they don’t feel alone either!  What are your humiliating experiences with your teen?  Please share in the comments or on Facebook.

You may also find helpful information at http://empoweredteensandparents.com.

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  1. Paula Missano October 8, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    I have always found, those “people” who ridicule, gossip and take pleasure in others “failures”, are only hiding behind their own!!

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