Video Vibes Facebook Group Guidelines

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Welcome to Video Vibes Facebook Group!

Please read this short intro and look for your starter book at the bottom of this page.

Are you ready to learn how to:

Save THOUSANDS of dollars on paying others to make your videos?

Make videos that attract your target audience?

Align them to client needs, pain points and wants?

Tap into your own energy to make them powerful?

Increase your social media following?


I’ll be sharing TONS of tricks & tips that cost little to no money. You CAN create & promote your own videos! My expertise isn’t actually in making videos. I’m in the Neuroscience industry, but I’ve learned so much about videos on social media I’m exploding with information.  I can teach you how to tap into the conscious, subconscious and energy vibrations of your target audience with your videos. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to video marketing or have been doing it for a while, you’ll learn and connect in this community. 

Here is What You Do:

Make friends, support one another, and ask your questions about making videos, logos, images for videos, special effects, intros, outros…all things video, online business, getting clients, spirituality, energy work, fears, problems etc. We’re all in this together! I might have a lot of tricks to share, but I don’t have all the answers. So PLEASE share your knowledge. 


Mindset Monday: All posts centered around positivity, encouragement, growth state of mind, productivity, time management, shortcuts. Videos, text and images welcome as long as you manually post them, and don’t schedule them from a service, or include a link to your products. You can do this on Fridays. 🙂

Triumph Tuesday: All accomplishments, conquered obstacles, goals attained, tricks discovered, any type of win.

Wacky Wednesday: Video bloopers, funny mistakes, Freudian slips, mispronunciations, mistakes, typos, funny client stories (that honor confidentiality and aren’t insulting or negative) etc. All things silly, funny and goofy. 

Throw-Out Thursday: Clear out your fails, mistakes, self-limiting beliefs, fears etc. It’s all about releasing anything that’s holding you back. Share what you’re letting go of, what you’re battling and how you’re coping etc. 

Free For All Friday: Anything goes! Website, products, services. EXCLUDING Facebook groups. There will be two threads: 1)  PROMOTIONS! 2)  Suggestions for topics you’d like me to go Live and cover, or that you need laser coaching on for the following week. Please post promotions in the thread only so they’re all in one place for when people are looking for services. 


Are you here to learn? If you act in that manner, you’ll have no problems here. There is a fine line between sharing a video you’ve made and want input on such as pain points, the call to action or the intro… and flat dropping a video of your latest product and ACTING like you’re just wanting everyone’s opinion. Your products, as well as your expertise will be shared in this group. It’s inevitable in order for you to learn and grow. Consider this ‘subtle’ self-promotion. 🙂  So what I’ll say is that I’m an EXCELLENT judge of character. (I muscle test and pick up on energy…ulterior motive is very strong energy & I DO pick up on it easily) Before you post, CHECK YOUR MOTIVE. And don’t just post videos of your products and services and ask, “What do you think?” If you’re active and contributing, you will be fine. When in doubt, stick to the day’s theme. In case this isn’t clear enough, the next section should clear it up.

Here is What You Do NOT Do – SPECIFICALLY

Tips, tricks and hacks are welcome anytime. Promoting your own products, or affiliate products is for ACTIVE members on FRIDAYS.


*  Share posts directly from your business page. Any posts that ask for help, advice or opinion are welcome.
*  Post random inspirational quotes or quote photos or links with no explanation. They will be deleted.
*  Ever schedule a post from outside applications such as Buffer or Hootsuite.
*  Be narcissist and sell, sell, sell without interacting. Please use your own group if you wish to sell.
*  Drop a post in here and 8 or 10 other groups at the same time when you obviously participate in none of them. It will be deleted. Facebook automatically marks these as spam notifies the admins in ALL of your groups.

I’ll be showing you how to create videos to use on social media, in your product trainings, livestreams, landing pages, website and more. You can do this at little to no cost. And YES, I will be doing Lives and giving extras on those such as free intros, outros, logos, video clips, muscle testing and anything else I think you will benefit from. 🙂 


And finally, here is your link to the free video marketing ebook. I am EXCITED that you’re here. Now come on in and post away! Click on image to download! video marketing, video, diversimom, video vibes, facebook group